Z is lonely

Blimey – the list of things to do before I go away is getting longer. I’ve had to cry off from WI this evening – I know, my main social life (since I don’t meet Dave for lunch every week) vanished before my eyes.

The Sage is away. He hasn’t spent a night away from home for years. Literally. He’s in London. I’ll be in London too tomorrow, but for a different purpose, so we won’t meet.

I had a meeting this morning and came away with two frozen trout, as did all the other committee members. Our hostess was glad to see the back of them, as it means there is now some room in the freezer, as her husband brings them home every week.

Ro and I are going to have a stir-fry tonight, with lots of chillies. More than the Sage could tolerate. Then I’ll start work.

There may be another post tonight, as I am not very diligent when it comes to work and might be glad of distraction.

I can listen to the radio all I want in bed tonight, as I’ll be on my own. *Sigh*

8 comments on “Z is lonely

  1. Jane

    All the things you can do without complaint doesn’t really make up for your chap being away does it? Well at least that’s what I’ve found.

  2. Z

    It doesn’t, Jane. Not that the Sage complains. There’s no one more polite than the Sage.

    Martin, occasionally I share a room with my sister. Since her husband died ten years ago, she has got into the habit of leaving the radio on all night. Can you imagine the nightmare?

  3. martina

    Ohh, here is a hug all of the way from the colonies. It won’t compensate for Sage being away-he probably misses you as much if not more than you miss him.

  4. Z

    Thank you darling. I hope the Sage is having a great time. He’s staying with our daughter & son in law. El has lived in her London flat for 8 years and this is the first overnight stay he’s had there.

  5. Anonymous

    But this means you have the delicious opportunity to do the ‘starfish’ in the middle of the bed thing all night!

    Quick – before the space is taken up again…


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