Z is irresolute

Since starting to write a blog I’ve made new year’s resolutions, something I’d never done in my life before. They are normally specific and reasonably purposeful, intended to be enjoyable but to take a certain effort. This year, I’m not sure I’m going to. I’m rather inclined to just hang about and see what happens.

I do rather hope music happens, however. I was listening to a Reicha clarinet quintet CD yesterday while cooking today’s lunch, and the second piece played turned out to be Mozart’s clarinet quintet. I was quite distressed to remember that I used to play that, not entirely badly, but now would run out of breath after five minutes, even if I could manage the fingerwork, which I couldn’t. I piled on the agony by playing various other CDs of clarinet music I used to play. Yes, I could do it again. To start with, I’d have to practise every day until my lips could cope with a couple of hours-worth, and then keep that going for a few weeks as I built up memory and technique again. After that, two or three hours a week would keep me going nicely unless I wanted to learn anything tricky, in which case I’d need lessons as well. And people to play with. Not sure I can see it happening. I’d like it to, but I’m not promising myself anything.

I’d also like to learn the basics, at any rate, of playing the guitar. I’ve been helping with school music lessons for more than two years now and I still haven’t picked one up. I’m a very slow starter and teenagers are quick at picking up basics. Ro has left his guitar behind, I might ask him if I might give it a try. Once I do get started (I have to understand it before I can start to remember it) I would be much more useful. I’ve no inclination to take lessons there, however. I know there’s no likelihood of getting past the basics, nor even much wish to.

There’s the wall to finish of course and a new hip to welcome and much more walking to be done (although if I did much less I would be entirely sedentary). But they aren’t resolutions, although they involve resolve.

I’d rather like to think that the year might bring a puppy into the household at some point -Weeza thinks that Tilly would cope – indeed, she likes babies, although human babies aren’t as boisterous as canine ones.

But I’ll just drift on and be quite interested to see what happens. Maybe I should try to surprise myself?

16 comments on “Z is irresolute

  1. I, Like The View

    weird! guitars and puppies are on the list of someone in this household too. . .

    altho, personally, I’m in the “wait and see how the year starts to turn out” camp

    erm, on the other hand, is it possible to surprise oneself?

  2. Z

    I often don’t know what I’m going to say before I hear myself say it, ILTV.

    I can play every early Bob Dylan classic too, Rog. On CD.

    That would be splendid, Dave – shall we egg each other on?

    That’s why I only choose fun things, LZM.

  3. Christopher

    Yes, let’s hear it for Reicha!

    Of the many dismal failures I’ve notched up to date, none more signal than trying to teach an early landlady’s budgie (‘Perky’ – maybe Pinky had fallen off the perch before I arrived) to sing the theme of the final movt. of the Mozart clarinet quintet. But I thought I heard the early landlady humming it once.

  4. Blue Witch

    Carpe dieming™ is good.

    I’ve never done anything else. It just leads to becoming frustrated with oneself and that leads to further inaction. So many people set themselves up for failure with unrealistic NYRs and then become depondent at best, depressed at worst.

  5. Z

    My friend Valerie’s mother taught her cockatoo to sing “The Road to the Isles”. It also spoke in her Armenian accent, which was charming.

    I have only done NYRs for fun, BW, and don’t evaluate degrees of success or failure. But right now I think I’ve got enough on my plate without giving myself anything more to aim at, even lightheartedly.

  6. Z

    I can play Ro’s alto sax, but I find it a bit heavy for my neck. I do love a saxomophone though.

    I’d always have a mongrel or a rescue dog.

  7. Z

    Same to you and Wendy, Martin. Sorry to hear about the turkey. And the lurgy.

    Ooh, Sir B, that sounds a splendid idea. I haven’t picked up a guitar yet so it may be a while.

    Your singing voice sounds just like mine, Mago!

  8. sablonneuse

    That post ties in with my thoughts this year. I’m NOT making any resolutions as such but I’ve decided that I’d like to play the piano again. My efforts so far only go to prove that most of the pieces I used to play are going to need an awful lot of practice!


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