Z is irascible

– and it’s all because of Microsoft. Is anyone surprised? Windows *Live* Mail. More than Half-Dead mail if you ask me. I have had to email some photos. Because I *upgraded* – Hah – is it any wonder that I am reluctant to go on to Beta Bloggger until all you less cautious, more trusting individuals have complained bitterly about its shortcomings – to Windows Live Mail Beta, it no longer tells me when I am up to the pitifully small maximum size attachment I can send so, as I can’t be bothered to add up decimals (I’m still a pounds, shillings and pence girl at heart) I have to go under rather than over, which means loads of emails. Half of which it can’t be bothered to send so sends me a message to say that they *may* reply to a query.

This is quite sweetly frank actually. But I am so tense that I have turned to the ‘easy listening’ section of iTunes. I’m presently listening to Dean Martin. What does that do for my e-cred?

Okay, so I never had any. Fine, laugh.

That’s enough, you can stop now.

That means you.

And you.


5 comments on “Z is irascible

  1. Anonymous

    Do you want a Gmail account there is no limit on size of email, and it’s got a huge storage capacity. I’ve got tonnes of invites left. If you do want one there’s a contact me on my blog.

    I’ve got a Dean Martin in my iTunes as well and Sinatra and Peggy Lee, there’s nowt wrong with easy listening unless it’s that post modern “ironic” stuff – that’s rubbish 😉

  2. Z

    Thank you Jane, you are a honey. My son Ro has a Gmail account and I suggested to him that he could refer me, but he, while not refusing, said ‘why would I want that?’ and I felt humbled. So, yes please, I will wing my way to Slothblog and ask nicely.

    I lost all streetcred when I admitted to listening to the Singing Postman, Norfolk’s answer to – um, er, well, what was the question?

  3. Anonymous

    I was going to offer you a Gmail invite but it has been done…it works well so go for it.

    On another note..congratulations Granny Z twice over…what beautiful little children…isn’t Squiffany just adorable..all that baby fat to cuddle. I love it and want to reach out and stroke those chubby little arms.

    Right I am off to make another mug of coffee…got in at midnight last night and still yawning..slept through my alarm and missed my class this morning. Oh dear.

  4. Z

    Hello Geena, glad you’re safely home. Yes, lots of lovely chubbiness. Little children can have quite slim bodies, but magnificently rounded and braceleted arms and legs.

    Greavsie – Dean Martin ♥ ;-◗


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