Z is inoffensive

If you want to read about the operation, it’s in the post below. If not, there’s nothing to worry you here. Well, a flash of thigh.

I’ve had such a busy day that I’ve not written the post I had in mind. But I’ve remembered that I took pictures of my hospital room – what was I thinking about? – so you might as well see them.

The bedroom

The Sage was deeply unimpressed by this bland watercolour

I didn’t bother with the television, preferring to listen to my iPod

The bathroom.

One of the views from my window

Later, there were sheep in this field

Mr C made quite sure we agreed what he was going to do

Mm, nice. The right one was taken off before or during the operation and he said it was up to me whether I kept the other one on or not at home, so I took it off as soon as he left the room on Monday evening. Or rather, Weeza did. I couldn’t reach.

It’s so ungory that I’ve done an ‘after’ shot too, trimmed for modesty

Today has been rather special – I received my first proper smacky kiss from Zerlina. Mostly, she lunges at you with open mouth or gives a cheek to be kissed. She has been giving proper kisses to the dog for some time, but I know my place in the pecking order so haven’t been offended. This was quite out of the blue and very lovely.

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