Z is increasingly well-heeled

The most useful thing I’ve bought this year is my little heel lift. It was helpful to be able to adjust it by as little as a millimetre at a time to end up, once I’d got used to it, with 9 mm of lift in my right shoe. It’s meant that I can’t wear open-backed shoes but that’s no problem. I’ve also found that the flat shoes I bought are too flat for me and that I’m best with a 1 – 2 inch heel, though I can wear higher once in a while without problems.

When I went to Italy at the end of April, I knew I’d be walking a lot and also travelling in a coach and by plane, with no chance to stretch my legs out, so I took a good supply of painkillers and took a dose every morning, which was enough to keep me quite happy. However, for the last few weeks I’ve been aware that I’ve started to regain a slightly rolling gait and my leg has hurt most of the time. Since I’ve had arthritis I’ve noticed other people with the distinctive walk – even when you can’t quite call it a limp you look like a hoary old salt on shore leave. Certainly, it’s noticeable – I’m often asked if I’ve hurt my leg, even when I don’t think I’m walking funny at all.

This morning, I remembered where I put the pack with the other layers of the lift and I’ve added another. It’s helped. Slightly depressing to accept that I’ve lost more from my hip though. Once I get to more than half an inch lost, I’ll add an extra rubber heel to each right shoe, but after that I suppose I’ll have to consider built-up shoes.

The other depressing thing is that I’m doing nothing to cause it. I’m not overweight – though nor am I thin, which maybe is the only next place to aim – I walk as much as is normal for a reasonably active person, and cycle for preference, I don’t do things that put unnecessary strain on my hip and, as the doctor recommended, I cycle quite a lot. Therefore, it’s not what I’m doing or not doing that is causing it to deteriorate, but just the natural effect of arthritis. It’s quite interesting really.

Anyway, in other news … yesterday, the Sage spotted a kestrel diving towards the chicken run, with the bantams making a commotion. He hurried over, but fortunately the baby phantam had managed to take cover. Now, she and her mother are in a coop on the lawn. Mother is still hopefully sitting on some eggs but, being half pheasant, the baby is quite happy running around a lot of the time and doesn’t mind not being under mum’s wing.

Otherwise – the hot weather is making me extremely cheerful. I love it. Different matter if you have to get to work and slog in an office all day, especially in a city, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the rarity of summer weather.

14 comments on “Z is increasingly well-heeled

  1. Dave

    Is kneeling to do the bricklaying on the lower courses causing any problems? I’m quite happy to do those ones, if it helps. Although I still think the grandchildren should be doing those.

  2. Z

    No, it’s quite comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with my knees and it doesn’t hurt to kneel. Thank you though.

    I think the grandchildren should be put to work too but I think it’ll have to wait until the school holidays.

  3. Rog

    If I hear another word of you using grandchildren for the lower courses I will feel obliged to contact the authority.

    Bricks will be much more appropriate.

  4. zIggI

    ooo I’m sorry to hear that, and to think I’ve been moaning on thinking I was the only one walking like a pirate! If you haven’t big enough chimneys to put your grandchildren up then in the wall probably a good enough alternative.

  5. zIggI

    naturally I meant to say ‘up which to put your grandchildren’ but my fingers are not as educated as they would have me believe. (sorry Dave)

  6. Z

    The elder one is quite agile around the chimneys and hardly ever gets stuck. Pugsley is quite hopeless at it and is far more use out in the fields, scaring crows.

    I’m fine – it’s just that I rather thought that all I’ve been doing to get fitter and weller would slow the progress of the arthritis. I know I will have to have a new hip at some time, but I’d rather leave it as long as possible. My doctor is against the thought of me having X-rays and so forth at this stage and I take his point – it’s the effect it’s having rather than the wear on the joint that matters – but I prefer to know what’s going on and I don’t like guessing. However, it’s probably good to have to let go of my more controlling inclinations. Possibly.

  7. sabloinneuse

    Poor you, I hadn’t realised you suffered with arthritis – especially as you lead such a full and active life. Sorry I haven’t ‘visited’ lately but have enjoed catching up.

  8. Z

    Better to ignore it really – it’s just that I’m asked why I’m limping, almost every day! My doctor says that I’m “too young” (dear lovely man) to contemplate an operation at present and indeed, I know I’m not at the stage of needing one. It’s just that I thought that getting thinner and fitter would stop it getting worse for a while, and it hasn’t, which is a bit of a bugger really.

  9. Z

    Yes, you don’t realise until you’ve been there, do you? Although I’m not that bad yet. Well, I don’t think so – I”m just hoping!


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