Z is home again

It was lovely to be with Zig for a couple of days.  We met through blogging and she’s one of my dearest friends.  Some of you are too, I don’t put a limit on the number of those I call best friends!

Now I’m home again and all has been well, thanks to Roses.  She and the bantams have come to an agreement and they are all happy, the Tots are fine and eating like great big tortoises, to the extent that I think I will have to restrict access to lamb’s lettuce.

Today, I put on the heat lamp in Edweena’s enclosure in the porch.  A couple of hours later, i returned, intending to wake her, but she had already dug herself out and was waiting for me.  I picked her up and gave her a bath, then returned her under the lamp with some food.  She went for an explore round the run and then started tucking into the food.  So I think it can be said that she is on track to have come through hibernation in fine fettle.

I looked in the greenhouse and some lettuce and flower seeds have sprouted already.  Won’t be long before I can start on the job I really enjoy, pricking out seedlings.  Bringing up babies is my line of work, even if they’re just little plants.  Actually, they’re easier than bringing up babies, obvs.

Tonight, I’ve mostly been watching television.  I watched the last episode of Wolf Hall on iPlayer, and it was as magnificent as the others have been.  Now, I’m watching Series 3 of House of Cards on Netflix and it’s absorbing.  I’ve also been listening to a lot of music of various styles.  If my capacity to concentrate on these things is improving, I’m going to find life so much more stable.


2 comments on “Z is home again

  1. sablonneuse

    You must have green fingers if you say germinating seeds etc is easy. I don’t have much luck with it!
    So pleased the babies have survived hibernation and are eager to eat.

    Yes, Wolf Hall was great wasn’t it? It inspired me to get the book but I have to admit I’m finding it a bit hard to get into..

  2. Z Post author

    Some seeds are easier than others, of course. I usually do pretty well, though.

    I found the first book took a while to get into but by the time I had finished it and went on to Bring Up the Bodies, I was engrossed.


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