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A dreadful journey, for both Wink and me, and I’m not telling you all about it because I can’t bear to relive it, even in the telling. It was followed by a delightful weekend with excellent company. If you want a B&B within a few miles of Canterbury I can recommend one, and the Salutation garden in Sandwich is beautiful – I’ll put up some pictures tomorrow, by which time I’ll have fetched my camera out of the handbag 5 yards away.

The Sage is ever more adorable and I owe him yet more loads of loveliness. I will attempt to be lovely, bearing in mind I’m going to be out all day tomorrow on a training day about the law concerning school exclusions. I seem to have expelled a few pupils already without such a day, so I trust I’ll discover I’ve always gone by the book. I’ve always told my headteachers that I will support them to the hilt if they’re right (to the point of resigning, of course) but equally I’ll not uphold their decision if I believe they’re wrong. I’m impartial, as I should be.

Anyway, the journey back was smooth and quick – I left Canterbury at 2 o’clock and arrived home at 4.30, which is as quick as it can be without breaking the speed limit. Wink and I went to a service in the Cathedral this morning – a Christian should worship at Canterbury cathedral once in a while, surely. The Archbishop wasn’t there, but there was a good sermon about the significance of touch (it was relevant to the Gospel reading) – he pointed out that we all ‘keep in touch’ with each other. It’s noticeable that people are much more comfortable with the Peace (shaking hands or, if you like kissing, your neighbours and wishing them peace) than they used to be.

The Sage had been with Al, Dilly, Squiffany and Pugsley to Walberswick, crabbing, this afternoon. This is the most splendid fun for children of all ages. We had some rancid bacon in the fridge that I hadn’t got around to chucking out, which was ideal. The Sage and Pugsley joined forces and every time the Sage helped P to land another crab, P said “Thank you, Grandpa, thank you” which was splendid for family relationships. They won by one little crab.

I have a new and interesting burn on my arm, which isn’t the normal crescent-shaped Aga burn but is more L-shaped. It’ll take months to go. I have whole lots of Aga burns all down my arms. It looks as though I self-harm – I suppose I do, but not on purpose.

8 comments on “Z is here

  1. martina

    Very well done Dave! I thought he played polo.
    Z-I stayed with friends in Canterbury many years ago. We went to the Cathedral at least three times. What is the room where the money counting was done? Can’t remember the proper name, but do recall it was a magnificent area.

  2. Z

    I don’t know, Martina. We only went to the service and didn’t go round the whole cathedral, and it’s a long time since I did. I don’t remember.

  3. Z

    When my sister worked in the millinery department at Fortnum & Mason’s in the 1960s, the Aga Khan used to offer round his packet of Mint Imperials to the staff when he came with his wife to buy her hats.

    You’re right, Dave, the Cheker.


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