Z is greedy

The cheese stall on the market is awfully good. I bought a piece of Bleu de Basque which I’ve had before and awoke a most overwhelming cheese craving then (yeah, bright, aren’t I, to buy it again?) and also decided to try a hard mature goat’s cheese from Swaledale. He cut a piece for me to try and it was delicious. The same people also make ewe’s and cow’s milk cheese; I will try them another time. He also cut a piece of a blue goatsmilk cheese from Ribblesdale (I think) which he described as like Roquefort but less salty and that was wonderful too. I bought a loaf of bread and a pack of biltong, which he said a friend of his makes, and then noticed the coarse pork terrine, so of course couldn’t resist that either. I’m so greedy. I thought it was £12 well spent, and bore it home in triumph, along with some salmon (farmed, but organically, with no colouring fed to the fish), a couple of whole smoked mackerel and some mussels. The Sage is not fond of mussels, so I cooked them for my lunch and tried just a little of the terrine while the shallots were cooking. It was delicious. Really, like home-made. The pork was chopped rather than minced and quite chunky, the terrine was lined with bacon and the whole thing was succulent, beautifully seasoned and I’ve not tasted any terrine so good since my mother used to make them. After I’d eaten my mussels, with some of the bread, I decided it had really been a very virtuous lunch, so ate a little cheese as well.

My diet is totally stuffed for the weekend. I won’t be able to help myself. Or rather, I’ll keep helping myself until it’s all eaten.

10 comments on “Z is greedy

  1. badgerdaddy

    Non-cow cheese is the best, if you have to eat cheese – something to do with the size of the fat molecules in cow cheese being bigger and harder for the body to break down and use immediately. Goat’s cheese is easier to break down and use as energy, if I remember right.

    Mmmmmm, cheese.

  2. Z

    Oh really? You don’t have anything consoling to say about pâté, do you?

    Dave, absolutely true. I’ll still have lost at least a stone and a half in a year though.

  3. luckyzmom

    I totally believe in having occassional treats to remember during the lean times. I just happened to pass by some goats the day before yesterday and asked my husband if he had ever drank (drunk?) goat’s milk. To which he replied, “No, but I have had goat’s cheese and liked that.” I had just been wondering what they were good for. Now, thanks to my husband and badgerdaddy, I know. I once had a kid as a kid for a pet. His name was Archibald. A neighbor kid sprayed something aerosole in his face and he died. Still makes me sad to think of it.


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