Z is going to reminisce about dogs, but hasn’t yet

Sorry that yesterday’s post didn’t happen.  I spent so long planning it that I forgot to write it.  I shall tell you all the same, that my latest whim is to tell you about all the dogs in my life.  Not in a daily series, but an ongoing one.  I shall start tomorrow, with all that I know (not a lot) about Bobby, aka Robert John, the dog after whom our leopard was called.

Things are not going swimmingly at the Zedery at present, I’m afraid.  I’ve just discovered that my husband (I’m afraid that I’m going to have to find a new name to him, because Sage is now quite wrong) has had a whole lot of speeding tickets (that he never mentioned to me) and, as a result, is going to be off-road for a bit, as well as out of favour.  It may be a while before I’m able to talk about things, and I may be asking for some kind thoughts to come this way.

Cheery-pip, darlings.  You’ve got to keep carrying on, n’est-ce-pas? – or innit? as we say at the Zedery.

15 comments on “Z is going to reminisce about dogs, but hasn’t yet

  1. wendz

    Oh dear. Naughty Sage.

    You got a chauffeur’s cap?

    OK sorry that wasn’t helpful so… lots of kind thoughts being sent to the Zedery.

  2. Z

    Levity keeps me going, darling, of course it’s helpful. And at least he won’t say he’s going out for half an hour and be gone all morning, leaving me to apologise to lot of people trying to phone him!

    Thanks, love.

  3. luckyzmom

    Yesterday I thought my husband was inconsiderate for not telling me about a small online purchase. I was so mad when he said, “Sorry, I forgot”. Way smaller misstep than the “dude in your house?” formerly known as the Sage. They can be like children and totally clueless.

  4. allotmentqueen

    Ouch! That’s not going to do the insurance premiums much good either.

    Don’t let this put you off of going on holidays, just because he’ll have to get a taxi whilst you’re not there.

    You said you were planning on writing about dogs, not the doghouse (which I guess is where he’s residing at the moment)!

  5. Mike and Ann

    What you ladies perhaps should bear in mind is that we chaps do have a reputation for being strong, silent types, and this is in order to protect you ladies from the harsher and more unpleasant realities of life.

    P.s. If this eases matters (and even I have my doubts about that) then Russell owes me one).

  6. Tim

    When I hit 9 points a few years ago, I thought ‘oops, better slow down.’ So commiserations to the Sage, but not much sympathy. Both to you, of course.

  7. Blue Witch

    It does have to be said that the majority of people we find seriously exceeding the speed limits in this village and its hamlets are older men, so he is not alone. Not that that is any comfort, but.

    The young lads in the tarted/souped up Fiestas and Novas at least learn their lesson after the first letter/points/inflated insurance premium.

    I’m guessing that he will have to retake his test as well, due to his age, so the ban might be permanent. I can’t imagine how that must make you feel, living where you do, and needing to be reliant on cars to get around.

    Were the tickets all at the same place, in the same period? A good motoring lawyer might be able to do (even if it’s only reduce the penalty/ban time) something if so… I do know of a website that claims to be able to do miracles.

  8. Z

    He hasn’t been ordered to retake his test, I’ve forgiven him, he’s contrite. Different places – none in villages, btw – not in a short space of time. About once a year.

    He might get a reprieve if he appeals, but it’ll be expensive as he’d need a barrister and – well, he’s agreed he deserves it. In view of what this says about his driving (he’s never had tickets until the last few years) I’m not sure whether he should start driving again. He’s been into town on my bike this afternoon, this morning we both went to a funeral.

    Thanks to all of you. I knew it was you, Ros. And I done a lol at your second comment, AQ. And Mike, I know what men are like – lovely, mostly. As is Ann, do thank her again for phoning last night.

  9. mig

    Oh dear. Barney once persuaded me to ‘take the rap’ for him as he was nearly at his limit for speeding tickets. The police wrote politely back enclosing a photo of the back of his head – very obviously not Mrs B! So I kept my clean license and he went on a driving safety course and has been more careful since.


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