Z is going to need an early night

i wasn’t going to blog tonight, or for a few days.  I’m too tired and grumpy.  But then I figured, what the hell.

I fetched my electric lawnmower back from Ronan last night, because the Sage’s sit-on mower didn’t work any more and I had my doubts if it would – at least, I’d get the lawns in check.  And so I have, and I’m just a bit knackered.  Ours took two hours, then I moved stuff ready for the skip, moved other stuff to burn, burned it, took the dog for … oh no, turned out the Sage hadn’t had lunch so I cooked him lunch … took the dog for a lovely run on the marshes, came home, lost track of time a bit, got the mower out again and mowed the bungalow lawn.  Darlings, you don’t deserve the most boring picture of the year: that of the heap of lawn clippings, but I never pretended to be interesting.

Oh.  Sorry.  It’s so boring that even Blogger has rejected it.  Three times.

Sooooo, I didn’t even leave a job for the garden fairies, but cleared away everything and then went for a bath, not forgetting to put a bottle of Cava to chill.  Because I needed the pick-me-up of bubbles, but it was more grim satisfaction than celebration, so I saved the champagne for a gooder day.  But the bath was nice, and I put on a face pack and everything.  Including pyjamas in due course, so that when the Sage said he was going down to the pub and would I like to come, I said no, because I’d already opened said Cava and started cooking dinner and wasn’t actually dressed.  I say cooking dinner, but I haven’t shopped for days and was reduced to an onion in the way of veggies, and half a cucumber, so it was spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese and a cucumber salad.

And that was surprisingly entertaining, because the dog adores spaghetti and turns his head to one side to chomp it down.  I just hope it isn’t returned in an inappropriate fashion.

No, I left half of the day out…but I’m too tired.  Some other time, darlings.  I’m flagging rapidly and it’s only half past eight.

14 comments on “Z is going to need an early night

  1. martina

    That is an outstanding amount of work! Please take tomorrow “off” to rest those muscles.
    Ah dogs and spaghetti. The late Georgie Tara would take a bit of cooked pasta with tomato sauce, somehow suck the sauce off and spit the pasta out. She also liked fingertip samples of red wine. Not an average dog!

  2. Z

    Mike wrote Don’t know where you ladies find the energy. Ann’s just the same. Still, I’ve been busy these last few days, and I’m STILL under vet’s orders to ‘take it easy’. but the spacing went haywire, so as requested I’ve deleted it.

  3. Z

    I was in bed by 9, I was so tired – sadly, slept for four hours and was awake the rest of the night. On balance, I’d rather go to bed at midnight, if I’m sleeping four hours a night!

    A meeting this morning, then weeding the sixth form courtyard, then picking up Zerlina from school this afternoon. So I’m taking it much easier.

  4. Pat

    A skip – that’s what I
    I need – or two. I peeped into the sheds yesterday and am trying to obliterate the images.
    Your meal sounds very like the one’s I’m hatching up these days:)

  5. Z

    Sir B, you are so charming – and it was more righteous indignation, of course.

    Jane, we should get together and cheer each other up!

    Paulo, oh no! How could I be so wicked?? Unless I am wicked, of course, which is more than possible.

    As long as you’re remembering to eat, sweetheart. And yes, the time comes for a thorough declutter – especially if you’ve got someone to help with it.

    Savannah, it’s turning out to be such a week! At least the next couple of days should be less hectic.


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