Z is going to do the Ironing

I’ve been to the shop and laid in supplies of fruit. I’ve been to Thr3shers and bought some chilled wine. I’ve visited the bakery and bought some particularly nice bread, which I’ve eaten with cheese and home-grown tomatoes and cucumber. I’ve drunk a glass of said chilled wine.

These are my preparations for doing the ironing.

Does it occur to any of you that I’ve spent the last half-century in working out ways of making the best of things? Darling, you’d be right. I don’t like ironing at all, but I don’t much like wearing creased clothes either. I will sit in the drawing room, fruit dish to the side and board in front, television on (it’ll be a miracle if there’s anything watchable on, but hey, I’m easily amused) and I will feel, at the end, that the aftenoon has not been badly spent.

Tonight, babysitting. It’s bee night again.

10 comments on “Z is going to do the Ironing

  1. Blue Witch

    I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but… how many units of alcohol *do* you drink a week? 😉

    It does seem to be rather more than the recommended 14… I am, of course, only thinking of your future health…

    (reformed over-drinkers are probably worse than ex-smokers I think)

  2. Z

    Vast amounts, BW. Certainly more than 14 units. A bottle of wine would usually last me 3 nights, unless it only lasted 2.

    I don’t get drunk or get hangovers, or crave alcohol, but I take as much notice of Government advice on units as I do of being told how many eggs per week to eat. I’m not attempting to justify this, of course, only answering your question.

  3. PI

    Re alc: some years back I had three fractures in fairly quick succession and reassessed my life style and now drink one glass of wine a day with exceptions for weddings and funerals. I did notice a change for the better but I wouldn’t dream of suggesting anyone should do the same.
    Re ironing that’s when I write – in my head.

  4. Z

    I’m sure you didn’t get the fractures by falling over when three sheets to the wind, Pat … by the way, it was the prospect of ironing six sheets, as well as all the clothes and napkins, that decided me to get cheerful in advance. Having had my midday glass and a half, however, I didn’t have anything in the evening. It’s rare for me to drink at lunch and with dinner.

    A couple of years ago, I didn’t drink at all for a few weeks – it was not long before my daughter’s wedding and I got a nasty chest infection; fortunately in time to recover and catch up with work (I was doing the food myself). Not having drunk when I was ill, I decided not to until the wedding arrived. I didn’t notice any difference at all, up or down, in health, wellbeing or anything else, which was quite reassuring, really!

    If I write in my head, I don’t need to write it down later. I write best when I sit down without an idea and let it flow.

  5. PI

    Z: you have puzzled me. If you don’t write it down how can it be read? Now I’ve got to remember to come back and see your answer. Am I being stupid?

  6. Z

    As ever, Pat, I demonstrate the wisdom of the great Horace – ‘I strive to be brief and I become obscure’ brevis esse laboro, obscurus fio.

    “Re ironing that’s when I write – in my head”- you mean that you plan what you’re going to write, and then set it down later? If I have an idea for a blog post and think about it, hone it in my mind, plan the way to write it – it’ll not get written. By the time I sit down to type, I’ve lost the flow and it seems dull. I feel as if I’ve said what I wanted to say already (even if no one has seen or heard it) and if I try to do it again, it just doesn’t work as well on the screen as it did in my head.

  7. How do we know

    Zoe, i completely identify with your preparation for ironing. I can do the dishes, wash clothes, in general, do most of the things, except ironing. Sheets?? Sheets!!! no way! I *always* use them unironed. When they are properly stretched, not many ppl can tell the difference anyway.

  8. luckyzmom

    So many people are so amazed that I iron sheets and some that I iron at all. The last several years the larger the thread count on sheets the better. If so and no one irons anymore they must be sleeping on really badly wrinkled sheets or they send them to be done or? I just don’t get it.

  9. Z

    Ironing tea towels is beyond me. My sister irons everything. Even underwear.

    HDWK – they’d be too polite to say, anyway! 😉

    Actually, I don’t think sheets are the worst – except that I have to stand up to iron them. I suppose, if I think about it, I don’t really dislike ironing that much as there’s a satisfying end result. It’s the prospect of it that makes me glum.


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