Z is going to bed. At least some of the time, Z will sleep.

Ro and I were listening to Front Row on the radio this evening – amongst other things being talked about was Tracey Emin’s artwork, ‘ My Bed‘.

The presenter (ooh, I am bad with names) was talking to Germaine Greer. He said that the artefacts scattered around the bed referred to all the main connections with a bed: sex death pregnancy and childbirth. Ro and I looked at each other. “What?” said Ro. “Isn’t sleep in there somewhere?” We decided he was being just a little pretentious.

Has anyone seen quinces for sale yet this autumn? Al has been offered some, and he can’t remember what he sold them for last year. He can’t get them from the wholesaler so relies on locals to bring them from their gardens. He probably, he said, sold them for £1, but whether that was for 1 lb (one pound weight) or 1 kilogram, he isn’t sure. He wants to know whether to offer 27p per lb for them or 60p. Or, indeed, something in between.

I’m off on my visit to H1ghgr0ve tomorrow. I am going to leave the house rather before 5.30 am. I have to unlock the gate to the carpark and some people will arrive absurdly early. Others will get there at the last minute. I am going to bed now.

9 comments on “Z is going to bed. At least some of the time, Z will sleep.

  1. Dave

    Well by the time you read this you will have been and gone, so I’ll just say that I hope you enjoyed your day.

    Having spent ten minutes searching the internet, amazingly I can find the price of many quince products (and an oil painting of one) but not the price of the raw product. Sorry.

  2. Blue Witch

    Definitely 60p per pound. Rareness increases their price after all.

    Can’t give you a price because they’re only given to me round here, I’ve never seent hem for sale. Or rather, bartered, as I usually swap them for some produce I have to spare.

    Hope you were nice to Camilla.

  3. Z

    Dave, that was above and beyond…thanks very much for trying.

    I think you’re right, BW. Maybe Al will find a note from last year.

    And I’m always nice, of course.

  4. mike

    There are quinces growing in our garden, as it happens. Last year, we made them into of blocks of membrillo and gave them away to friends. This year, I don’t yet know what – if anything – we’ll do with them. They’re not exactly the most versatile of fruits, are they?

    Hope you enjoyed H-grove…


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