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The spam getting past the filter seems to have settled down after 39 comments – thousands are caught and I don’t see them until I go to delete them.  So I’ll leave it for now.

I had another hospital appointment this afternoon, as a result of which we came home with a chair for the shower and a frightful loo seat that looks more like a commode.  I still have my raised seat from last time and that’s the one I’m likely to use.  I’m glad of the shower seat though, I dislike showers at the best of times and, as ours is spacious and doesn’t have any rails to grab, I was going to feel very unsafe.  We will have a rail put in, I think, when we next see the plumber – who has some trim to fit and has yet to present his bill.

We went to Norwich to buy me a new phone – after four years, the battery is getting a bit unreliable.  I don’t mind that the charge doesn’t hold for long, but it swings wildly – the worst was the day it showed 91% charge, I opened an app and it shut off with zero battery.  Yet sometimes it still works with under 10%.  Anyway, I’m keeping it as a back-up for now.

This was dealt with swiftly (I didn’t need to have a new contract as I bought the phone and just switched the SIM card) and then we went in search of nightdresses, which I’ll need for hospital.  I’ve one suitable but wanted a couple more.  House of Fraser only had pyjamas.  M&S were little better.  I finally found one acceptable one but no slippers.  The better looking ones were backless and they’re not safe for me to wear.  I’ll rootle through drawers and find ancient nighties that will do – it’s fair enough in a way, the last time I bought one was when I was going to be in hospital seven years ago, I think, but you’d think the ones they do have wouldn’t be ugly.  Or Christmas themed.

By the time I got home, I could hardly walk, though the milder weather had been much easier on my hip.  But overdoing it shows how badly it’s deteriorating.  It was only about six weeks ago we parked in the same Norwich car park and walked to a restaurant in the same shopping mall and I had no trouble walking back again then.  But it’s not a bad thing to be reminded I’m not making a fuss about not much.

LT is cooking dinner.  Guinea fowl.

4 comments on “Z is equipped

  1. Kipper

    Have you thought of having a grab bar installed on the shower wall? It might make you feel and be more stable and easier to get up and up from the shower chair. The plumber might be willing to secure it for you.

    1. Z Post author

      I’ll pass the message on. At present, he’s a bit busy looking after me. He says he’s getting in some practice, ready for the real thing…


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