Z is cuddled

It must have clouded over in the course of the evening. A couple of hours ago, the full moon was straight ahead of me out of the window and now it’s not visible at all. I think there’s a lunar eclipse tonight, but not for a few hours yet.

Having my desk facing the window is a pleasure, but it has its disadvantages; notably that the sun shines straight into my eyes in the mornings. It’s worth the squinting though, to watch the birds in the garden.

I babysat Pugsley this afternoon as usual while Dilly took Squiffany to dancing class. He’s a remarkably easy child. He was almost ready for an afternoon nap and sat on my lap to be read to for a while. Abruptly, he started to rub his eyes and yawn, I carried him into his bedroom, lay him down and left him until he shouted for me after an hour. I had time to read various documents, write out some music for Sunday, read the daily paper and fit in a short nap for myself. He was still sleepy when I fetched him back so we cuddled as I read another book. When Squiffany came in, she wanted to join us on the sofa and we all hugged together. All most enjoyable.

I’ve just been booking a train ticket for the Sage’s next journey to London – I won’t be going with him that time. He was wondering whether to buy a railcard, but it works out cheaper to buy two cut-price single tickets (£24 against £24.40, not including the cost of the railcard) so he won’t bother. I am supposed to be going to a meeting in Liverpool in May – I really must get on with booking a hotel and all that. I could do with an assistant for that sort of thing, which I have an unwise tendency to leave until the last moment. I’ve never been to Liverpool; I might stay an extra day to look around. If the Sage can manage without me, that is.*

Our friend in hospital wants me to clear out her little freezer. I suspect that she has been shoving everything in there that she hasn’t got around to eating for the last few months – she realises, now that she’s getting better, how poorly she’s been coping. When I looked in her fridge, some things had been there for months, including vacuum packs of meat. She can stay in the lovely cottage hospital for another fortnight – I’ll cook and freeze some meals for her, so that we can stock up her supplies and she’ll not have to cook for a while. She admits to having lived on tinned soup for a few weeks. She kept buying fruit and vegetables, but we now realise that this was to have an excuse to ask the Sage to deliver, so that he’d call for a chat.

*This is a slightly edgy remark, as he never goes away and I have to holiday without him

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  1. Dave

    I am annoyed I didn’t set the alarm for 3. I’ve been waking regularly throughout the night for months now, so thought I’d see the blood-red moon without needing to make special arrangements. Typically, once I finally got to sleep, I didn’t wake until 5.


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