Z is Cheery

I was just getting up at 5 o’clock this morning when I heard Al’s van start. I dressed and breakfasted and joined him in the shop half an hour later. We stacked shelves and got things ready until 8, when the second delivery van turned up and we started all over again. I had to leave to be ready to babysit in time for Dilly’s 9 o’clock hair appointment. This afternoon, I went into town again and Al was making up a fruit basket, so I took over serving to help out. I went back at 5 to help him pack up. There are people in the town who have assumed I spent the whole day working there, but it’s only Al who can cope with that. He’s back there now, making up orders for the morning, with the salad, grapes and other more perishable items to be added from tomorrow’s new stock. Tim is helping tonight, which is good.

I trotted along and bought the last of the presents, but the Sage and I have both admitted that we haven’t found what we wanted for each other, so we’ll have to hit the shops sometime together and mutually spoil ourselves. We’re not bothered. I am waiting for one more postal delivery – it’s not overdue, I ordered it at the last minute – and Phil’s presents will be a bit meagre if it doesn’t turn up. I hope Dilly likes what I’ve bought her, as I quite badly wanted to keep it for myself. I did buy a pair of trousers though. I said to the shop owner that I will probably have to take them up a bit and she suggested I wash them before wearing them in case they shrink a little. I agreed, but frankly do I look the sort of woman who washes clean clothes? I’ll just wear them a bit long until they need washing and then see. I’ll probably wear them tomorrow for my organ-fest. Did I tell you about that? Probably. I’m playing simultaneous organ and clarinet for our own carol service at 6, then whipping down the road for a service at 10 and then another in the next village at 11.30. I am going to schedule a nap in the afternoon, I may be a fool but I’m not an idiot.

Anyhoo, all seems to be sorted. I haven’t wrapped anything yet, but that’s more fun done at the last minute. We haven’t got the tree up yet come to that, but plenty of time for that tomorrow. We keep the tree up throughout Christmas until Twelfth Night, so there will be a whole fortnight to get the pleasure or possibly have had enough of it. Actually, it might come down a couple of days early on Sunday 4th, as I’ll be too busy after that as Al and his family will be on holiday.

I’ve made a final three wreaths – one was ordered and I might as well do a couple more. I expect Al will sell them and if not I’ll find a home for them.

I got all high and happy this afternoon. It entertained the customers mightily.

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