Z is careful not to worry

I’m not the only person who thinks a lot of our Headteacher.  I’m going to quote from an email I received today from another governor – “Concerning the very sad news of Aaron – I was with a group of sixth formers on Friday – I felt it was a real testament to the BHS family ethos as they discussed the moving assembly Sean had just delivered and the respect they have for him as Head (‘he’s amazing – he considers every pupil a member of his family’). I understand that the year 11 Prom in the evening celebrated a life with dignity – difficult times.”  It’s hardly any wonder that the staff and pupils are motivated to work so hard.  

I had an email from Ro this morning.  A car had pulled out from a junction on his way to work (he cycles the three miles into Norwich city centre) and, although he had slowed down, knowing that drivers don’t necessarily see  cyclists, the car pulled out right at the last moment and he couldn’t stop.  He is not much hurt, he said, a bruised arm, and he went on to work, leaving his damaged bike for repair.  The driver has agreed it was his or her fault (Ro didn’t say which) and will pay up.  All seems quite civilised.  Ro assured me that he didn’t hit his head (he is very considerate and wouldn’t want me to worry).  Ho hum.  Bus for the next few days, I suppose.  Cycling in the city is fairly hair-raising, although there is a cycle lane along that road, it is also used by buses and there are numerous side roads.  We really aren’t very geared up for bikes in this country.  There is no point in letting myself worry.

We have had some paving laid outside the house – it’s only part done so far, actually, but I moved a table and chairs on to the part that is done and sat there for much of the day, working.  Not working very hard, admittedly, but enough for me to think I’ve got something done.  And it was extremely pleasant.  

8 comments on “Z is careful not to worry

  1. Roses

    Given I have turned Worrying into an Olympic Sport, I have no words of wisdom to offer.

    What I do offer in lieu, are several virtual hugs.


  2. Mike and Ann

    Your childrens’ attitude to you ‘fussing’ is very simililar to my attitude towards my childrens’ ‘sulking’ (when in their teens) – I used to tell them that I didn’t at all mind their sulking as long as they sulked in silence.

  3. Sharon J

    I actually sat on in my garden yesterday, enjoying the bit that’s been done. The gardeners are here again today, though, so I’m staying indoors. It’s windy, anyway x

  4. Z

    Actually, none of us has ever sulked. Weeza and I shouted, the boys stalked off – but when we were together again, it was over and either we talked it through or we let it go and moved on.

    Haven’t had time to sit in the garden today, and now it’s raining, but it was good while it lasted!


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