Z is becoming merry

The new carpet is down and we’re very pleased with it.  “Is it just me,” asked LT this evening, “or is the room warmer?”  It seems so, I agree.  It’s certainly warming to the eye and to the feet, this carpet.  We need to turn our attention to a new sofa, at least, once the Day of the Chris and his Mas is over. And a week or two to get over it, obvs.  We have been moving furniture back, but there’s a few things to go yet.

The other main move has been the compost heap – I know, darlings, where there’s muck, there’s Z.  It had simply outgrown its space.  In fact, as is the way when you get anyone else to do your work and let them just get on with it, it hadn’t been done exactly as planned, and there was only one way in to put the prospective compost, so the ready-to-use stuff was at the back and not so easy to get at,  And it wasn’t very sightly.  So a new area has been constructed – still not as I’d wanted it, actually and I suspect more moving will be required in a year or so, but at least there are two areas and it’s bigger overall than before.  And compost has been put on all the beds in the veg garden and the place where it came from will be grassed over in the spring. And then the whole of the kitchen garden and its surroundings will be more manageable, I hope.

All shopping has been done and all cards delivered or posted except for, possibly, returns to any that are delivered from local friends tomorrow.  I’m by no means the only person who has simply given up, though I have finally made more effort this year.  The last shopping I did was flowers for the church – I did an arrangement earlier in the month and checked it this morning, to find that the lilies hadn’t lasted, so nipped out to buy more and a few roses as well.  They’ll be fine for a week or so.  I read that this was due to be the busiest shopping day of the year, largely because people would be hitting the supermarkets en masse, but also because of last-minute present shopping.  I can’t do that sort of thing any more.  What hasn’t been bought can be managed without.  We have enough food and enough Stuff, all of us.

I’m not sure if I’ll have time or opportunity to write in the next few days, so I’ll wish you an happy Christmas and everything you hope for, now.  Thank you, as ever, for your good friendship.  Those of you I haven’t met yet, I hope I will some day, those of you who can and would like to visit are always welcome, whether to next year’s blog party (DV) or at any other time.

Merry Christmas, darlings.  Love from Z and LT.



7 comments on “Z is becoming merry

  1. savannah49

    Happy Christmas!

    I had to laugh because the juxtaposition of your new carpet and it’s loveliness and then, right over to a conversation about your compost pile was just so you! I mean that in the most affection way, darling! Reading you is a joy and I feel as if we’re old friends! Thank you again! xoxo

  2. Beryl Ament

    Your blog has given me much pleasure throughout the year. One of my erst-while reliable English bloggers has decided to retire, which means I am more dependent on a select few to keep me amused and to keep me up to date with the land of my birth. Merry Christmas to you both.

  3. Z Post author

    The number of regular bloggers of the old style continues to decline, I’m sorry to say. I do sometimes wonder how long I’ll carry on, but some of you aren’t on Facebook and we’ve been friends so long, I don’t want to lose touch. Like most people, I don’t comment so regularly now, myself, though. Which reminds me, BW, I have tried twice to comment on your most recent post but I get an error message – it says I haven’t filled in the form with my details, but I have. I’ll keep trying.


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