Z is affected by the weather

It’s cold, it’s raining, my eyes hurt (I don’t get sneezy hayfever, I get dry and prickly eyes and blocked ears with gentle tinnitus. No, I don’t see any pollen wafting about in the rain either, but my eyes and ears never hurt except at this time of the year) and I’m spending a couple of hours on my most boring job, which is the rota for readings, coffee-making etc at church services for the next three months. This is the dreariest quarter of all to do, because anyone with children or who works at a school doesn’t want to do any job during August and so I have to land it on the others. In practice, I put myself down most weeks.

The baby bluetits are very noisy in their nest above me and their parents are working hard to feed them. They are most entertaining, scooting along the fence with a beakful of caterpillars before flying up to the eaves.

The Sage saw two rabbits in the kitchen garden, nibbling beans and peas. They will not live long if they do that, I’m sorry to say.

Although it is cold, the weeds are growing visibly. I leave weeds to grow, mostly. I am unperturbed, nowadays, by nettles, docks and ground elder and call our patch a ‘wildlife garden’. The kitchen garden can’t be left to its own devices, however, and there is a nasty infestation of thistles in the asparagus bed, which will have to be dealt with again before long. The grass down the drive needs to be mown now that the daffodils have died down. I’d intended to scythe it, but not in this weather, and before long it will be too tough for scything and have to be strimmed.

The Sage has dutifully trotted along to the doctor for his annual blood test. I make sure I’m tested for nothing as, frankly, I don’t want to know, but he is officially Old (and will be a year older next month) and so, rightly, he gets checked and takes the consequent tablets. He is, generally speaking, in Fighting Trim, however as he has excellent genes and I look after him with Tenderness and Care.

I am completely bereft of willpower to work. I shall curl up with early Louis Armstrong and a book and, probably, take a siesta.

8 comments on “Z is affected by the weather

  1. Z

    Um, shoot ’em, I’m afraid. Tilly nearly caught one last week, but I called her off as Squiffany was watching.

    Plague of two? Is that like one swallow making a summer?

  2. Z

    I went to sleep for half an hour, Dandelion, did you?

    Maybe a brace constitutes a nuisance, but I am still doubtful of a plague.

  3. Dandelion

    That is because you are very clever.

    I share your doubts, because I think a brace of rabbits is either a nice pie, or else a lovely piece of wildlife fun. Pop ’em in a hutch, and bob’s your uncle. Kids love ’em.

  4. Dandelion

    I don’t want to be unfair to the boy, but I would say nibbling isn’t a plague either. Maybe scoffing, bingeing, or gluttonous rabbits would be a plague, but nibbling just seems too dainty and mild.

  5. Z

    Mind you, even one rabbit can do an awful lot of damage, especially over a few weeks. It nips out all the tender new growth. I think the Boy is being understated and, after all, he has a lovely garden.

    If only bunnies ate ground elder, I’d welcome them and think the occasional lettuce was worth sacrificing.


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