Z is about to light the other end of the candle

It is now eleven minutes past midnight and I have not completed the preparations for the meeting that I need to leave the house for at 8.45 in the morning, which counts as early for me as I only get up in the dark for vital reasons, such as … I’ll insert one if I can think of one…

The reason is that I could not find the book in which I had written vital information. I had it this morning and so looked in the kitchen and the study and then in the car. Goodness, it is mild tonight, positively balmy. I went out without a coat on and did not care at all. It was not in the car, so I looked in all the places I had previously looked and checked under the dog too.

Finally, I remembered checking answerphone messages as soon as I had arrived home, so looked in the drawing room and, eventually, found it on the windowsill, behind the drawn curtain.

But that had disconcerted me and so I needed to do frivolous things for a bit to settle my nerves.

Right-oh, back to work.

2 comments on “Z is about to light the other end of the candle

  1. Wendz in France

    It’s very mild here too…very wet and quite windy at times but not that cold. Last night I slept with my heating on in the room (whichI never do, I just forgot to turn it off …actually don”’t know why I had it on in the first place) and I woke all sweaty and headachy.

    I have the window open now for fresh air and it is quite pleasant.


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