Z is a Swear Queen

I’m feeling a little tense. I have been taking photographs of the china for our website this afternoon and the camera keeps telling me that the card is full. I’ve had to put photos onto the computer and delete them from the camera with increasing frequency and this has been annoying.

Last week I took the photos for the camera. The photographic shop chappy, the nice man who set them up ready to print in the evening to give us the quickest possible service, asked me to switch my camera on to the highest possible resolution, which I did, although it was a high resolution already. When, the next day, I went in to get some other photos developed, the camera chappie (different shop, so different spelling – well, it makes sense to me) remarked that I’d got 175 pics on the camera. Funny that, only a few days later, it would only take 13. It doesn’t seem to acknowledge that I’ve deleted them. Indeed, in the end it would only take one. The battery was low, so it’s recharging at present. Bloody thing. I’ll have to reformat it. I’ve already deleted everything (including pictures of the children that I’d meant to show people and now I’ll have to print them instead) and that didn’t help.

Never mind. Nothing that a nice glass of wine and some really foul language won’t help.

It’s been a dutiful sort of day. I had huge quantities of washing to do, including a great pile of hand-washing. The ironing basket was already full, and once I bring everything in off the line, a second one will be too. Think of me this evening, a proper little Mrs Tiggywinkle. Oh hell.

6 comments on “Z is a Swear Queen

  1. Imperatrix

    Ah, Mrs. Tiggywinkle, how I loved to read that story to the girls. All of Beatrix Potter’s watercolors were so detailed and delicate…

    Can you iron while watching television? Or listening to a podcast? I suggest something funny to keep you entertained.

  2. Z

    Yes, I always watch television or listen to music when I’m ironing. I sit down, too. Always one to take the most relaxed option.

  3. luckyzmom

    I’ve never been able to sit down and iron, but do watch TV.

    I know you can get more cards for digital cameras. I keep meaning to do that as well as study how it all works. I whine to have my husband download the pics onto the computer for me because I keep forgetting how. I too struggle with all this technical stuff.

  4. Z

    The card that came with the camera had only memory for a few pictures so I bought another that takes lots. It’s quickest to delete pictures while the camera is still plugged into the computer, but I think the camera deletes the pictures but doesn’t delete the space they take up, not even when I did ‘delete all’ on the camera itself.

    My husband hasn’t a clue, my son has, but best I learn myself as he won’t always live here. Hard though!

  5. dharmabum

    “Never mind. Nothing that a nice glass of wine and some really foul language won’t help”

    i really admire that attitude of urs, z 🙂 always bouncing back!


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