Z is a rubbish photographer

It’s so late, I’ve been out for dinner and then caught up with emails once I arrived home, that I don’t think I’ll write much now.  Instead a few pictures.

First, Kamala’s house on the Friday evening when there was the first of the parties.  It looked spectacular lit up with blue lights.

The next day, the next party, which was when all the women had their hands hennaed.  Mine are fading now, this soon happens once you arrive home and wash in chlorinated water.  This is taken from the verandah.  Most people had had lunch by then so there weren’t many in the picture.

This is Laddu, the basset hound.  His father Skipper only died a month or so ago at the age of 15.  Both belonged to Arte, Nandini’s sister.  I’m afraid he moved his head so it’s out of focus.  I told you the photos weren’t up to much.

And this one explains why I didn’t take pictures of the wedding ceremony.  One could see round the photographic paraphenalia, but it really got in the way of taking pictures.  Both bride and groom are professional photographers, so one can see why the official photos were a priority.

And that’s it for today.  

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