Z is a little rusty-fingered from lack of blogging

Ah.  Having missed two days blogging this year so far, I am already losing my blog-voice.  Not sure what to write about.

It doesn’t help that by far the most interesting and gossip-worthy thing that has happened to me in a long time is completely unshareable.  Both cheering and startling, it drove me to the bottle last night.  I can’t deny it, I had one too many.  I fell asleep on the sofa.  This must indeed be a sign of age, hitting the cooking sherry (and I’ll never do that again, own-brand Amontillado doesn’t greatly agree with me) before drinking the normal quantity of wine simply sends me to sleep.

However, today was good, and no after-effects.  My friend Mary came over in the morning.  She, who is terribly busy and has an ill mother-in-law to look after, is always concerned that I’m doing too much.  I do about a tenth of what she does, and with much worse grace, but she is so kind.  I told her about the blog party and she was quite encouraged – huzzah, Z has friends! …  even if most of them have never actually met me.

“What’s the name of your blog, again?” she asked.  Several of my real life friends have asked me that, but it’s rare that any of them actually checks it out.  Anyway, it’s at this point that I always feel a bit embarrassed that I chose a damn fool name for my blog.  “razorbladeoflife,” I muttered awkwardly.  She wanted to know how much I write every (mostly) day.  I showed her, on my phone, a few posts and she was struck by quite how much it is.  After all, she knows me as reticent and a good listener.

Hang on, that’s not true.  But she was silenced for a few minutes.

Anyway, I am finally catching up with work, because I’m determined to take this weekend off.  And the weekend is starting sometime tomorrow morning, because I’m going over to see Weeza and the children for lunch.

13 comments on “Z is a little rusty-fingered from lack of blogging

  1. Z

    Well, I’m fond of the name (and of yours, dear heart, too) but it does sound absurd out loud, especially to those too young to remember the heyday of the divine Tom Lehrer.

    Marion, I know. I’m evil.

  2. Phil Ruse

    I started falling asleep on the sofa years ago. It doesn’t even have to be Friday, or require booze – and one time I think it gave my guests something to talk about.

  3. Mike and Ann

    Hello Z. I wonder if your neighbour who was interested in your blog might be thinking of writing a blog herself. Given her problems (sick mother-in-law, etc.) she might find it therally thoroughpeutic – if you see what I mean. A friend of ours here in town, who also keeps a blog, told me this morning over coffee that she only writes up her blog when she has something to say. I think that the ones easier to read are the ones kept as journals (not necessarily daily ones).
    Ah well, good to hear from you.
    Regards, Mike and Ann.

  4. Z

    Mary won’t have time to read today, for sure. Surprise party being laid on for her husband, who is taking very early retirement. At present, I don’t think she would have time to write a blog either. Although I agree that it’s excellent therapy.

    Phil, i hope they didn’t wake you when they left!

    As you know, BW, that is the reason I’ve blogged daily all that time. Now I have to master blogging most but not every day. Although with a rusty Rog to worry about, I might struggle a bit.

    And thank you, Haricot, that’s a lovely thing to say.

  5. 63mago

    Cooking Sherry is the Devil’s pee, avoid it at any cost. Same goes for cooking Rum, cooking Whiskey, cooking anything in liquid form … yes, I know the stuff.


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