Z is a fuzzy-eyed optimist

Five pots of quince jelly made and four of cotignac. Squiffany, having helped, bore her pot of jelly proudly back home. I’ll probably make more as Al still has lots of quinces in the shop – unlike in Mike’s neck of the woods, there has been a good crop here. Al says he’s never had so many brought in for him to sell.

When I put in my lens this morning, it hurt, so I took it out again, peered to make sure it wasn’t back to front, rinsed and put it in again. It still didn’t feel quite right, so I refilled the little pot I keep it in and took it with me, in case I needed to take the lens out. I forgot about it during the morning. This afternoon, cycling home, I noticed a child walking along the pavement and looked to see if I knew him and should say ‘hello’. My sight was quite fuzzy. Shutting one eye and then the other, I realised that my right eye was blurred, so I must have the lens in back to front after all, I thought. Later, I got the pot out and opened it, ready to put the lens away. There was the lens, where it must have been since I rinsed it. Just as well I hadn’t driven today.

Goodness, how I do not scintillate. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow I will entertain you with wit and charm. No, go on, it could happen.

7 comments on “Z is a fuzzy-eyed optimist

  1. Brom

    Bit of an eye opener then!

    Loved the previous post, its good to know that the more traditional hosiery is alive and well in Norfolk. 😉

  2. Z

    Sometimes people doubt me when I explain how unobservant I am, until I don’t notice them having shaved off a beard or grown an extra pair of legs, but not realising I can’t see demonstrates it too.

    Alive and well, Brom, just a pity I was using one as a jelly bag. I promise I’ll get dressed up properly, suspender belt and all, on Saturday, to put things right.

  3. Blue Witch

    Few quinces round here either. We have none and the Nince Lady who usually provides tens of pounds hasn’t. Ditto damsons.

    I can see a typo (can you? ;)), but I’m leaving it!

  4. Z

    Few plums and damsons and I can’t see many sloes in the hedge, but there has been a good apple and quince crop. Very few figs.

    Thank you for leaving the typo. It has been a necessary effort of will not to mind mine, but they happen frequently, especially in comments.


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