Z intends to resign to spend more time with her family

Mm, sorry about yesterday. Having nothing to say normally doesn’t deter me in the least, but after two attempts to write posts that bored even me quite witless, I thought that nothing was better than either of those.

The expected building didn’t happen today; the Sage spent most of the morning running errands for a rather demanding old lady (not me, no) and ended up with a headache and a complete disinclination to spend the afternoon mixing mortar. Which was fair enough. So I went to visit Weeza and Zerlina instead.

Otherwise, I sorted out papers. And files on the computer. In doing which, I discovered that there are over 10,000 images stored on it, a great many of which are photos, some of them duplicates – well, lots of them I should think. I think I should sort out rather more. In fact, such is my control freakery that I have made copies of things I’m to hand over to the new chairman so that, if the disc gets lost, I’ll still have the information. Just in case, several years from now, anything is needed. This may seem extreme caution on my part, but I’ve been asked three times recently – each from a different organisation – for information that I was the only person to have retained. One of the items in question dated from 2001. I’m not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing about me – though I think Dave will approve, or at least understand.

Nevertheless, I have decided to give up another committee next year. When I toyed with the idea last week, even the thought of it lifted a load from my mind. I’m afraid some people I like very much will be unhappy about it but, you know, I think I want to put myself and my family first.

10 comments on “Z intends to resign to spend more time with her family

  1. Sarah

    I used to be on the Parish Council…scary I know….feeling i needed to be doing my bit forthe community. but found I was spreading my self so thin that no one was getting 100% me. Now I only do what makes me happy…selfish? probably.

  2. zIggI

    you know that saying about asking a busy person if you want to get something done? That’s true that is, if you give up everything you’ll end up doing nothing, not even the stuff you want to do. Inertia’s contagious – so to prevent this, and for your own good, would you like to take over the chairpersonship at my school? 🙂
    You’ll be glad you did and you’ll get so much more done!

  3. Dave

    Don’t worry Ziggo, when we’ve finished the Great wall of Norfolk, Z’s got a summerhouse to re-build, and a boathouse, and I’m sure another couple of walls wouldn’t go amiss…

  4. Z

    Ziggi, only if I can be chairman. I don’t really go for chairperson. I’ve always had just enough sense to steer clear of the Parish Council.

    I don’t think it’s good for people to spend years and years on a committee, it’s better if there’s some movement on and off. And when I’ve finished the job I’m doing, I’ve got a justification for coming off – if I stay, I’ll find myself taking on another responsibility. Besides, Dave is right (shall we take that remark out of context and frame it?), I do have all those things to do. As well as my lovely family to spend time with.

    The quality of blogging I come up with sometimes, I’ve got no business to be carrying on with it. But I’d miss you too much.


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