Z holds back

It’s taking an effort. I’m so gung-ho, in my quiet and reserved sort of way. Having, as I have said, asked several people to be Treasurer and having been, ever so nicely, rebuffed each time, I’m ready to say soddit I’ll do it myself. In fact, one of the committee members has said she’ll step in if there’s a real difficulty, but she’s not too keen to take on the commitment as she is, as they say, under the doctor at present and she’d rather wait for a clean bill of health. Fact is, I’m sort of missing the committee already, even though I’ve got another couple of months to go. The main thing holding me back, apart from a modicum of common sense, is that the bank we use is in Norwich and I don’t go there all that often – there are an appreciable number of checks to pay in sometimes.

And when explaining whom I’d spoken to, I mentioned that one of the people concerned I’d met through my blog, which gave rise to some jocularity. As you all know, bloggers are charming, friendly and more sociable than their solitary keyboard-tapping proclivities would suggest, but we know that, the few remaining non-bloggers of the world don’t and assume we’re all weird. I refer to the blog but I don’t talk about it much and few people know where to find it – amongst Real World friends, that is. So, having checked that I’m not, secretly, P’t1te Angla1se (Sue’s reading her book at present), which I denied (I also denied being G1rl with a 1 Track M1nd for good measure) Sue asked where to find my blog. I said if she really wants to know I’ll tell her, but I feel strangely shy at the prospect. Should I come out? Is it a good idea for people to know me as I really am?

So, if I suddenly start being terribly polite and modest, you’ll know I’ve gone public. Well, told Sue and Jill.

10 comments on “Z holds back

  1. J.J

    I’m just the same Z. I really wouldn’t want people I know reading my blog. In fact the very thought brings me out in a cold sweat – daft I am sure, but there it is.

    Deleted my first comment due to what was – even by my standards – an exceptionally high number of typos!

  2. Dave

    Oh, I didn’t think of that excuse. Our Building Society closed shortly after I moved here, so now I have to go into Norwich for the (rare) cheque that I receive.

    So it would be no good me beeing treasurer then – I’d be claiming all the value of the cheques in mileage and car parking.

  3. Z

    Typos are fine. Whatever Dave says.

    I didn’t tell anyone to start with, JJ, but then told my family, and then a couple of friends who asked. Since then I’ve told people that I have a blog but no one has asked for its name so I’ve not told them.

    If I were to take it on, Dave (and I think I’ll find someone else) then I’d bank cheques when I come into Norwich for the lectures. It’s only a short walk from the theatre to the bank.

  4. Dandelion

    No, no, no. I’ve done it, and regretted it. I’ve had to make a whole other secret blog within which to vent my true feelings, after letting some people that I know in real life onto my blog. I’d say it was a big mistake. YMMV of course.

  5. Z

    My sister reads this already. If I had any secrets, I wouldn’t put them here. It’s all very well for you, you don’t have a big sister.

    *waves at Wink*

  6. Dandelion

    Hmmm. If you had any secrets, your big sister would already know them, whether you put them on here or not. Either that, or you haven’t been getting your money’s worth.


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