Z has time to spare

Well, I’ve signed the petition. Thanks to Ally for the link.

Several things have pleased me in the paper today – Libby Purves, in support of binding pre-nups, referring to marriage as “a good gig” for example, and I laughed most of the way through Caitlin Moran’s piece about what age to allow your children to do things such as swear, have a mobile phone, wear earrings and be informed that there are beaches in Normandy where the tide comes in faster than a galloping horse. I can’t find it online – maybe they put Times 2 things up later? Anyway, it demonstrates that I don’t have quite enough to do with my time today, as I have had time to read the paper. Both papers. I might even do the crossword later.

Of course, I could do a whole lot in the garden, which is a mess, or I could clean the house, in which most surfaces are covered in dust and I could tidy the house, which will just leave gaps in the dust or I could clean the windows, although that will just make the dust more visible. But it’s been rather enjoyable to read the papers on a Monday morning.

And, if you do find and read Caitlin’s article, I’d just like to mention that Ro, as a child, used to call me Swear Queen. With a certain mild disapproval.

PS – Martina has found the article and sent the link – here Thanks, Martina!

10 comments on “Z has time to spare

  1. sablonneuse

    Unfortunately I’m not eligible to sign the petition as I no longer live in the UK but I totally agree that the law is ridiculous – or in this case maybe the interpretation of ‘reward’ is the problem. In which case it’s Ofsted that needs a few lessons in commonsense.

  2. Z

    The law, which was only passed a couple of years ago, specifically includes this sort of arrangement. It’s not Ofsted’s fault for being obliged to follow it. One of the women was on the radio this morning, telling of her daughter’s distress every day last week at being left at nursery.

  3. Eddie 2-Sox

    Darling Z,

    I think time is running out for us, so do you fancy escorting me around your local countryside for a ramble sometime?

    I am sure I will be gainfully employed soon, and a guided walk would be lovely. Lunch on me of course. I’m the bloke.


  4. Z

    That would be lovely. I’m free Wednesday this week, or could keep free Monday, Wednesday or Thursday next.

    You’re the bloke? Oh! I hadn’t noticed…

  5. Z

    Oh thanks, Martina. I’ll add it to the post. I wonder if it goes up later than the main paper, I couldn’t find it at all this morning, though I could find all her back articles.


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