Z has the shakes

1  The visit went well, my October travelling companion was delightful and gave me a delicious lunch.  So that’s all right.

2  I’m sitting here looking at a vase of dead flowers.  I feel rather like Morticia Addams, which I don’t mind at all.  I was brought up on Charles Addams’ cartoons and have always relished the sardonic and macabre.

3  I was woken after a couple of hours by a nightmare last night.  It was dreadful.  I read and played games on my phone for some time to distract myself before trying to sleep again but, although the shocking bit was brief, I can’t forget it.  I shan’t dwell on it though.

4  I had a chat with Elle (a student from Germany who stayed with us for several months over the winter) this evening, which was lovely.  I do miss her, she became like a granddaughter to me.

5  Al and Dilly came over with the boys as usual on a Tuesday while Squiffany is at Brownies in the village hall.  Pugsley does not care for kisses at present, so we shake hands.  Hay came to kiss me goodbye, then saw his brother shake my hand and came forward again, proffering his hand to be shaken too.  Then he kissed me again.  It was adorable.

9 comments on “Z has the shakes

  1. Tim

    I’ve taken to trying to rationalise my nightmares, when I can remember them. I find I can often trace them back to a representation of something I hadn’t realised I was anxious about.
    PS Very envious about the party! Turns out we probably could have come after all, but there you go.

  2. Rog

    You don’t think 2 and 3 could be related?

    If young children were encouraged to shake hands more the World would be a much better place!

  3. Liz

    The annoying thing about nightmares is that your own brain does this to you.

    Small children shaking hands; that’s so cute.

  4. Z

    If I think about other things as soon as I wake, I can usually forget them altogether. I don’t think my sense of the macabre was involved though, I rarely have nightmares. I think I was just too hot.

    I wish you’d just hopped in the car and turned up, Tim – you’d have been most welcome and could have stayed a couple of nights, like the others. Still, next year.

    I’ve decided that learning to shake hands early in life is a Very Good Thing. I may write a post about it.

  5. Rosemarie Blackthorn

    I love the Addams Family! The original Goths! Now I’m envisaging you in a slinky black dress with secateurs in your hand clipping off rose buds.

    I feel for you, I don’t often get nightmares, but when I do, they are doozies.

    Hugs and hugs for you!

    Or rather, warm and affectionate hand shakes.

  6. Mike and Ann

    I think your Hay should go far – a quick learner and makes the most of opportunities.
    I think all of my grandchildren shake hands, but most of them prefer a hug as well from grandparents.

  7. Z

    I’m sure Pugsley will get over it, he’s learning a bit of independence at present.

    Ups and downs, Indigo, that’s life.


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