Z has eaten rather too much

We had a most entertaining day.  Everyone was here in the afternoon and board games were brought through from next door and I provided cards, so that there were various things going on.  The dishwasher has been on twice today and there’s still a stack of crockery waiting to make another load.

Tomorrow, I’m going to Norwich for lunch – a group of us are going to the City College, where the catering students choose a menu, cook and serve the food as part of their training.  It’s very reasonable, £6.20 for a two-course meal – I haven’t been there for some years, but it always used to be good.

Weeza asked Dilly if they have chosen a name yet for their baby – they haven’t, it seems, and asked for suggestions.  Mine were Huckleberry (I’d relinquish the dog’s name for the baby if necessary), Zephyr or Pericles.  At least, if they don’t take me up on any of these, I can give the baby whatever blog name I like.

12 comments on “Z has eaten rather too much

  1. Dave

    I thought it was quiet this afternoon. Now I know that everybody was at yours, all is explained.

    I was trying to make an anagram from Al and Dilly (if only that were their real names). If they have a daughter she could be called Lady Lil. Or Lily Lad if he/she isn’t sure.

  2. Z

    Everyone who is anyone, darling, except you of course. And thank you for your splendid suggestions. What about Phil and Weeza’s baby?

  3. Z

    That really is a dog’s name, Martina!

    I think not, Dave. Nor Zep A While

    I did toy with the thought of Xenophon, Roses,. I’ll pass on your suggestions. Since Pugsley has a Roman name, I think that a Greek one would be quite appropriate.

  4. Christopher

    Zephyr is splendid, especially if the infant needs winding (short I) from time to time. And you stamp your Zatriarchhood, if you see what I mean, on him/her.

    Themistocles = The tummy tickles. Not an anagram? Oh, well, I’ll try again.

  5. Z

    I like the thought of a clockwork (long i) baby. We have a name for the May baby, then, he will be Zephyr. The next baby is due in August, but we don’t yet know the sex.

  6. Z

    For a summer baby, I’m not sure that I’ll carry on with the wind theme, certainly not Boreas! We can decide when we know whether we’ve got a boy or girl, perhaps.

    All was very good humoured, Pat, if quite noisy some of the time.

    I was put off SR right at the start when she arrived wearing a bright red short-sleeved suit for an interview. I checked, and in the book it said that she was dressed in brown and looked professional. Considering the fuss made if the wrong military buttons are used for a period, total anachronisms don’t seem to matter if they relate to behaviour. You have to have some spirit of time and place. It just went downhill from there. I’d have forgiven it a lot if it had been entertaining rubbish, but it was just stupid and unlikeable..


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