Z has beans

I spent the morning cooking – vegetables, mostly. I soaked some lima beans yesterday and have made them into a casserole, I made mushroom soup and a batch of minestrone. Of course, it’s all far more than I can eat, so most of it will go into the freezer. I’ll be glad of it all, eventually. This afternoon, I was planning to do the ironing, but I forgot. Now 4.30, it seems a bit late to start…

My guest left a week ago, all is well domestically with her and partner now and the two of them are working out how things won’t go wrong again. Space to work things out was good, as there was goodwill on both sides, underneath the difficulties. The house feels bigger than ever now.

I often wonder if I’ll ever move from here. It is absurdly big, yet I like having lots of rooms and I also like having big rooms and space outside. Our last house was large, but my grand piano was in an octagonal bay window and I didn’t realise for a few years that I could be heard playing it from the road. No one can hear me now – except Wink, of course. I don’t have the grand any more, there wasn’t anywhere here for it to go, sadly. I have my mother’s pianola, which is also a good piano. I rarely play though, it’s wasted on me. I would love to think that I’ll start playing music again next year. Maybe. This sudden burst of cooking may mean I’m starting to recover my old Z again. One can always hope.

4 comments on “Z has beans

  1. 63mago

    I think it is never too late to start playing an instrument, again or not. It is good for the body, soul, and the brain, too. That pianola is not wasted – I’d like to make a clever remark about Mr WAITS’ Drunken Piano, but am not clever enough – , is not wasted on you : It is a possibility-in-waiting, happy to be ignored.

  2. Blue Witch

    Something I discovered/thought of recently: using plastic milk bottles to freeze soup works wonderfully. Although I seem to think that you probably still have milk in bottles.

    Well done on the Agony Aunting.

    1. Z Post author

      I use the Fen Farm glass bottles, which I have to be careful not to fill more than 3/4 and I put the lid on after the contents are frozen, to be sure they won’t crack. It does take a while for them to defrost, though.

      I think I helped, I certainly didn’t want to tell anyone what to think or do!


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