Z has beans. Z is a has been. Hmm. Discuss and compare, with examples

We were woken this morning by thunder and torrential rain.  Ten minutes later, there was blue sky and sunshine.  Now, it’s a lovely evening with a red sunset behind the Scotch pines.  They should be Scots pines, but it’s one case where I use the American, just because I can, darlings.

We picked vegetables today and have bags full.  I’ve made ratatouille and was going to tackle the bean mountain, but I couldn’t quite be bothered.  Our old friend Rev Dave said to me, a couple of weeks ago, that he has resolved not to do things he doesn’t enjoy any more (I might be paraphrasing, I’d have to check his email) and he’s quite right.  There has to be an advantage in getting old, and not being obliged wins it for me.  Not meaning one doesn’t want to help, of course.  But duty doesn’t need to be part of the decision any more.

It’s either been too hot or too wet to sit out with a pre-dinner drink recently, but it was a lovely mild evening tonight, so we went out with Tim’s G&T and my glass of wine, and we giggled – no, that’s not quite accurate.  I giggled and he indulged me.  And then we came indoors to eat roast lamb and the aforementioned ratatouille and tomorrow we’ll make moussaka, because those aubergines aren’t going to eat themselves.  The beans may have to, however.

6 comments on “Z has beans. Z is a has been. Hmm. Discuss and compare, with examples

  1. Lois

    The East Angular weather was rather impressive this morning. We’re staying in Suffolk, so we were woken by the storm. Having decided we weren’t equal to the downpour, we immediately started making alternative plans that didn’t involve being outside. Half an hour later there was dazzling sunshine, so we shelved the alternative plans and headed to Orford Ness. The roads looked very impressive – many were actually steaming as the water evaporated off. We don’t get that in Sheffield! Oxford Ness was gorgeous too. Our Suffolk holiday was a last minute decision, but proving to be a good one, even if you do get all the weather in the space of an hour.

  2. Z Post author

    Lois! How lovely to hear from you. Yes, we do sometimes get All the weather – at the same time. Yesterday, Tim went into the town, got drenched, by the time he was home the sun was shining and I was chortling.

  3. Allotmentqueen

    I have the same feeling with my courgettes (some might be described as marrows by now). Tomorrow I might attempt cake and fritters, and then I might juice a couple, but otherwise the compost bin beckons!

  4. savannah49

    We just finished a bowl of heirloom tomato and celery soup the MITM had made earlier in the summer (and frozen) from freshly harvested tomatoes! It was delightful to not only not have to cook, but to indulge again in something lovely and delicious! xox

  5. Z Post author

    I’ve got a decent recipe for courgette chutney, AQ. It can be eaten at once, doesn’t need to be kept. Mago, it’s lucky that chickens eat courgettes because I can get rid of quite a lot with a clear conscience. Savannah, I’m afraid we won’t have the amount of tomatoes we usually do, the plants have been quite stressed because of the hot weather. But the tomatoes are fabulous.


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