Z has an empty arm

I had several things running through my mind that I might have written about, but that’s just my problem.  I can only blog spontaneously and, if I plan it in advance, I either forget about it or am bored with the thought of writing it down, having written the post in my head already.  So I’ve got to give myself time to forget the fascinating posts I might have written, so that they might burst upon me at another time.

I’ve found it almost impossible to get back to work.  I needed a couple of days off, then met a couple of deadlines and have done nothing since.  I won’t make excuses for myself because there are none to make – as I’ve often said, I’m very lazy and I have to keep myself up to the mark or I’ll slip so badly astern that I might never make up the headway.  I’ve not quite let that happen yet, and I don’t suppose it will, but I’m not far off it sometimes.

This afternoon, I had an appointment to give blood, which went fine – I like the triannual check that I’m not anaemic, truth be told.  Having once fainted afterwards (because I cycled afterwards and not even straight home, but faffed about a bit on the way), I always drink loads, and sank about 3 pints of water in all, not my usual thing at all.  The startlement to my kidneys was almost palpable.

I fed a couple of new things to Edweena – three, actually, now I think of it.  Nasturtium leaf (just the one, the plants are small yet), wild rocket and marigold leaf.  I’m sure they will love the flowers too.   She scoffed the lot, especially the rocket.  I was going to offer her some honeysuckle, but there was a slight shower of rain late this afternoon and the temperature dropped, and she went into her nice nest of dry grass and I didn’t think it was worth calling her out.  I’ll try her on that tomorrow.  And some rose leaves, I’ve only given her flowers up to now.

I’m so terribly unobservant, but you’d think I’d have spotted earlier that the flowering cherry tree right outside the house has died.  It was fine last year, but it’s not got a leaf on it and the sucker, nearly as big, next to it, is nearly dead too.  The creeper on that side of the house died unexpectedly some years ago and so did a couple of other shrubs, and their roots had a wet white rot on them, so perhaps that’s what’s got the cherries.  Even the bigger tree was a sucker in fact, the original parent having been blown down in the hurricane (which wasn’t really, but it felt like it) of 1987.  We’re sorry that it’s gone, even if we didn’t notice its passing.  We’ll get them both dug out, but I must rescue some cyclamen bulbs first.  Russell bought an old lamp a while ago, so that will go in their place – no point in planting another tree, if there’s rot in the ground.  It’ll be like Narnia out there.

3 comments on “Z has an empty arm

  1. Scarlet

    I either forget about it or am bored with the thought of writing it down, having written the post in my head already.
    Exactement, Z!! This is what I do and feel!
    So pleased you have written it for me.

  2. Z Post author

    I’m glad I’m not alone in that too, Scarlet – some people hone their posts to perfection and I just can’t – if I write a draft and go back to it, the more I try, the less I like it and delete it unpublished. Yet, when I have a vital letter or a speech to write, I can work on that until I’ve got it right. I suppose they come from the mind and blogging is from the heart? Or is that silly? Anyway, blogging is chatting, for me, so has to be spontaneous.

  3. Scarlet

    I used to try to hone my blog posts… but in the last few years they have been spontaneous… rare and random! My calligraphy blog is nearly spontaneous, other than I have to take pictures and I have a rough idea about what I want to say. But, I agree, they are from the heart and have a fresher feel.


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