Z has a turn-out

The Sage went off for his appointment, and I got up, full of energy and determined to clear out the porch.  It’s a large porch/smallish room, about 12′ by 10′.  In my inlaws’ day, it was used as a summer sitting room during the day, but the alterations we did cleared away the back porch, so we’ve nowhere else to keep wellies and so on, and then we put a large cupboard in there, and a chest freezer, and what’s elegantly termed around here ‘shit’n’shat’ which means nothing in particular, just stuff – anyway, I am a turning worm at present, so want to change things.

I started writing this at about 1.20 pm, and here is what I said then.  

It has not been the cheeriest of events really, it’s got to the stage now that I’ve got a lot of miscellaneous items outside that need to be put somewhere else or got rid of, including three boxes of empty bottles waiting to go to the bottle bank.  Fortunately I was alone, so my bad temper at things being kept that should have been thrown away, or should have been put in the proper place, was not expressed aloud, and now it won’t have to be, because life’s too short to be snappy.  And then I found Tilly’s collar and, foolishly, sniffed it.  Cried briefly of course, couldn’t throw it out.  I’ve stopped for lunch, mainly because the bantams were grouping hopefully.  I’ve fed them, did a head count, all 28 are there.

I did the first clarinet practice of the day for half an hour or so.  Still, depressingly, forgetting how to play the odd note.  Have moved on to Divertimento no. 2, it being easier.  

Poor Z.  It got better after that, of course.  I looked at my emails and Tim had left a kind and lovely comment (it doesn’t have to be true, just kind and lovely) and when the Sage rolled up, I was not whiny but, instead, enthusiastic again.  And he responded, as we both do to each other, and helped sort things out and put back what needs to be inside overnight.  Tomorrow, we’ll finish clearing, empty the freezer and move it and clear up.  

I sometimes feel that I’m too tired to write late at night, so sound a bit downbeat then.  But today, it would have been an earlier post that would have sounded unhappy.  All is fine now, I defrosted steak for dinner, opened a bottle of prosecco, took care over cooking.  Actually, much of it is down to darling Sage.  Don’t tell him I said so, will you?  I prefer to keep him on his toes.

9 comments on “Z has a turn-out

  1. Mike and Ann

    I’m reminded of that old saying that work expands to fill the time available; and it’s equally true that goods/chattels expand to fill the space available. We decided a long time ago that if we decide to keep an item of stock (and to dealers that temptation is frequent) then we always get rid of something else, otherwise the place looks like a museum and you never see anything. As Ann put it “We keep the best until something better turns up – then swap over.” It seems to work, but you have to be strong minded.

  2. georgie

    Are you going to keep the freezer in that room or move it elsewhere? It must be that kind of day, I’ve been doing the same thing today. Oh dear, trying to clear things out when there is a collectotr inthe house would be difficult!

  3. Tim

    Thank you for your kind and lovely words, Z, glad to have (albeit inadvertently) given you a boost. It was true – I try to be reasonably truthful most of the time (although I occasionally embellish stuff in my own blog posts, and when recounting anecdotes at parties).

  4. Z

    It’ll have to be in the same room, I haven’t got anywhere else. It will be against a different wall though, and less obtrusive.

    It came at the right moment, love. Thanks.


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