Z has a turn out

We are nearing the end of the joint of beef.  I have made a cottage pie for tomorrow and LT has volunteered to cook a stir-fry this evening, using the last whole slice of meat.  We have frozen two pints of stock and have two ramekins of dripping in the fridge.  I’d melted and strained that and some meat juices and bits were in the bottom of the pan, so I mixed some oatmeal and water with that and the chickens will enjoy it in the morning.  And there’s a bit of gravy left and that really is it.

I’m looking forward to getting the room painted and the new carpet laid.  As I said, the biggest pieces of furniture have been taken out and we’ll do the rest when the time comes – the sofa and chairs can just be moved over, I should think.  But taking everything out will make us think about whether each piece will go back in the same place – or, indeed, whether it comes back in here at all (the only trouble with that being that, if it doesn’t, we have to find another place for it).  The same with pictures, I think we take them for granted and stop really looking at them, if they’re always hung in the same position.

I’m also in the process of turning the larder out – though it isn’t really a larder any more as little food is kept in there.  Mostly, it’s big pieces of equipment that aren’t used very often, such as preserving pans and fish kettles, as well as empty jam jars, storage containers … and several dozen squashes that we harvested a few weeks ago.  I think I can manage things a bit better, if I put my mind to it.  And maybe at least some of the jars of jam and pickles that are on top of kitchen cupboards will find a home in there.

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