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Does any of you know the going rate of pay for an under-sixteen shop assistant? Obviously, not covered by the minimum wage, but Al has plucked a figure out of the air and would be glad to know if he’s about right.

Update – Al is happy to discover that, if anything, he’s slightly overpaying. Since it’s still less than he’d pay an over-22-year-old, and what he paid previously (which is more than minimum wage), this seems win/win.

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  1. martina

    Isn’t there a government office which Al can contact that has a list of basic wage for different jobs? Or, check with his compadres in the trade.

  2. Z

    The minimum wage for those aged 22+ is £5.35 and for 18-21s it is £4.45. Workers aged 16 and 17 (except apprentices) are entitled to £3.30. Under 16s, for allowed Saturday work, newspaper rounds etc, don’t have an official minimum.

    It’s just a matter of what is customarily paid, as there isn’t a statutory amount. In fact, Al is paying her £4.00 at present, which is well above what he would need to, even if she were 16. I’ll ask a friend of mine who works at a local shop where they have school pupils working at the evening and weekends if she knows.

  3. badgerdaddy

    £4 an hour sounds great to me. I’m sure she’ll be well chuffed with that. And there aren’t exactly a lot of jobs for under-16s in Yagnub, so I’m sure she’ll be delighted!

  4. Z

    Well, when Al mentioned that the every-other-Sat job could be an every-Sat job, she snapped it up. She’s nearly 16: when she is it will be simpler, employment-wise. But it’s within the permitted hours

  5. Z

    There are regulations, anon, but it’s easy to stay within them as long as Al lifts heavy boxes, and a local authority permit is required.


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