z has a productive day

The help desk is singularly unhelpful. At least I ascertained that it was ok to email my reply and got the address. The website that Tim linked to in yesterday’s comments was not exactly plain English, but gave me enough idea to realise what I needed to do.  Weeza was coming over and she would help.  I phoned my cousin, the solicitor, to check with him – he wasn’t in the office today, but a nice woman gave me some advice and I’m taking in the letters on Monday for her to have a look, to be sure I’ll be doing the right thing next.

It took us the whole morning to write my statement, but we printed it, I signed and scanned it and sent it off.  Then we posted hard copies to the defendant and the court, too.

We hadn’t had time for the job Weeza came for, but she’s coming back on Sunday, lovely girl.  I spent two and a half hours typing up most of the lots of china and only have nineteen left.  We have the photos and condition report to do, then Weeza will put together the catalogue, ready for printing.

The son of a friend of mine has left college and is looking for a job and, in the meantime, is helping me in the garden.  He was chopping logs today and will cut down nettles and brambles soon too.

I have a home for two of the bantam chicks – this doesn’t sound many and it isn’t, but probably half of the, will be males anyway.  The oldest ones are ten weeks old now but I must look up when the others hatched.  I’ll be very glad when all this is over, it’s not a simple job, keeping them reasonably dry in the very showery weather we’ve been having.  Edweena, the adult tortoise, seems interested in hibernating but that isn’t going to be allowed for a while yet.

Tomorrow I’m off to judge (co-judge, anyway) the cookery section of the village show. I won’t need lunch afterwards  



5 comments on “z has a productive day

  1. janerowena

    Well – good luck! It’s another chance to have your say and state your version of events, I suppose. Not to be sneezed at – but you would think they could be far more helpful.

  2. PixieMum

    I look forwards to hearing about the village show, on Saturday went to the Dorset County Show, all of us were amused at the comments made on post-it notes against baking that wasn’t placed. Criticism was levelled at those who had left indentations from the cooling racks, those who had used shop bought tin liners that prevented a smooth edge, shortbread that was cut into more or less than six pieces, wrong size cake tins was another crime apparently for a show that apparently expected very high standards.


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