Z goes to a Quiz!!(!)

Little did I know, as a dedicated Hanna Barbera cartoon watcher in the early 60s, that knowing that Mr ‘I hate meeces to pieces’ Jinks was the cat that chased Pixie and Dixie comes in useful in quizzes.

I didn’t know I remembered the name of the computer in Red Dwarf.

It was surprising how many people didn’t know, in a Food and Drink round, what deglazing is.

It was even more surprising that we won – with two rounds to go, we were a quarter of a point in the lead. It was BBC TV comedy and Trivia that let us romp home.

We have a wooden plaque! With little shields, on one of which will be etched our name (that is, the name of our parish)!! Not only that, and rather embarrassingly, we won £10!!(!) – which we decided to put in the church plate on Sunday.

10 comments on “Z goes to a Quiz!!(!)

  1. Z

    JonnyB has dibs on three exclamation marks, but he is gracious enough to allow me a parenthesis.

    I celebrated, when I arrived home, with toast and black coffee.

    Hang on, I didn’t have any dinner. Oh. Whisky. That’ll fill a chink.

  2. Z

    One does know things without realising it and quite often an answer will pop into my mind for no apparent reason – then, of course, there are the ones it’s really embarrassing not to have known.

    D’you want to be on my team for the rematch next year, Fweng? No obligation to donate the winnings, it’d be a bit odd if you did, really. Eddie, with £10 between 4 of us, we could afford to be generous. If it had been more, we might have thought about it!

    Bartender, there was one 80s song question and none of us had even heard of it!

  3. Honey

    congratulations! an engraved plaque.. nope never had one of those. I’m terrible at general knowledge I knwo everything the next day at 3am in the morning, but that’s of no use to anyone.


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