Z Goes a bit Overboard

In this country, it’s Mothering Sunday tomorrow, which is treated as Mother’s Day is everywhere else, even, erroneously, in most churches (okay, Dave?).  So we’re starting our service with coffee and cakes and a craft for children – they will make and decorate little boxes, which they can then fill with chocolates, which will be provided.  Then we’ll move into the church for a short service, then the chocolates and posies of flowers will be handed out at the end.

I’m on the rota to do coffee tomorrow.   However, I asked a friend if she’d make a cake too, and when we arrived to set up everything ready for tomorrow, another friend had brought along small cakes for the children.  This afternoon, I have made a fruit cake and a carrot cake and I’m just going back to the kitchen in a few minutes to make a chocolate sponge cake.  I rang my friend to ask what cake she had made.  “I’ve made a jam sandwich (that’s a Victoria sponge, darlings, not bread and jam) and a fruit cake.  Oh, and I made some date slices”.

We’re going to have enough cake to feed at least 100 hungry people (we’ll have fewer than half that at the service I expect, although we’re preparing in other respects for 60).  I normally make cake, reluctantly, about twice a year.  It’s all this cooking that the Sage is doing – I can’t move into his territory of cooking delicious (if rather meat-based) dinners, so I’m having to do a whole lot of baking instead.

I’ve never tried this carrot cake recipe before, but I have eaten it.  About 15 years ago, at the Middle School fete, I bought a cake from a stall that a friend had made.  It was delicious and I told her so, and she said she had made it from the Food Aid recipe book which had been published not long before.  “I have that book, I’ll have to give the recipe a go,” I said.

Now I have.

20 comments on “Z Goes a bit Overboard

  1. mago

    The Seven Gorges … a pub in Lincolnshire maybe?
    Is carrot-cake made from real carrots, these red things growing in the earth? You must pre-cook them.

  2. Anonymous

    Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

  3. Z

    At least there’s a point in spam that links to adverts – but what is it with these people who talk about college assignments? Can anyone explain? I left it up because I thought that “genial brief” was funny.

    Carrot cake contains raw grated carrot, Mago. It adds moistness and sweetness to the cake. You can also put beetroot in chocolate cake, where the red is hidden by the chocolate and it’s similarly moist.

    Dense and moist with cream cheese it is, LZM.

    I almost caught a faint squeak from someone being pedantic, but it’s gone. Wonder who that was?

  4. Z

    Been to one service today, Martina, back for breakfast before going off to the next. I’ll think of you while I’m eating cake!

  5. Roses

    Enjoy your Mothering Sunday.

    The cakes sound delicious. I adore carrot cake. Om nom nom.

    I hope after all the services etc, you will also be spoilt rotten.

  6. Rate My Sausage

    I also have lots of spam comments recently. Before I clicked on, I responded genuinely to one of the college work ones. And like you, I have absolutely no idea why people spam without an ulterior motive?

    Just tried Impson’s Pork & Mustard sausages – wow, they were good!

  7. Z

    There’s some carrot cake left and just one small sliver of chocolate cake. I’ll hide it from the Sage for you, Pat.

    I’m all caked out and just fancy some sausage – they do sound good, Simon.

    Sometimes when there’s a spate of spamming, turning WV on for a few days and then off again seems to help. I hate WV though and would rather not.

  8. Four Dinners

    I’d bake my mother a cake but –

    A) I have no idea how and

    B) I can’t find a completely untraceable poison….;-)

    Rang the old bat today and, sadly, she answered…

  9. Z

    You’re just an old softy. She doesn’t deserve a son like you.

    Actually, that could be read in more than one way. But I mean the compliment to be for you. You’re too good for her.


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