Z gives an opinion

I think I have more to write about the holiday, but I’m too tired to do it tonight, so I’ll catch up with the day.

Weeza was going to London today, so I went and fetched Gus yesterday afternoon and he stayed last night and today.  He is such a good little boy, it’s been lovely.  He’s never stayed on his own before and he was a bit worried, asking about his mother several times as I put him to bed, but he went to sleep at once and didn’t wake until about 8 o’clock this morning.  He had an egg for breakfast, then went to spend an hour or so with Roses as I had a meeting this morning, we made cakes this afternoon and – well, it all seemed quite busy.  But I picked up Zerlina from school, took them home and gave them tea (salmon, pasta with home-made pesto, grated cheese, aforementioned cakes) and left them with their father (his dinner was trout en papillote with Jersey Royal potatoes and St Peter’s beer) and came back to show someone some wood they are interested in buying.  I had toasted cheese and lots of salad for supper.  The trout was meant to be for me, but I thought it would be too late for me to bother with cooking it.

I only could stay for an hour for this morning’s meeting, so had to ask to have my say and record my vote on a particular matter in advance.  It went the way I wanted and I had an email to thank me later.  Once in a while, one feels one makes a difference.

Now, I’m going to bed. I’m so tired every night.  I never used to be tired before midnight, not sure what has happened to the Z I used to be.

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