Z giggles

Tim and I both enjoy crosswords.  Quite often, we each start doing the crossword in our respective newspapers and ask for help when needed – funny how you can think of an answer for someone else when you’re stuck yourself.  Or sometimes, we work on one together and then, usually, one of us answers a clue and the other one works out why it fits the question.  I’m frequently the guesser and Tim is the one who works out why, or completely debunks it.  “AT isn’t a usual abbreviation for account?” he pointed out gently this evening.  I giggled.  It was true but at least I was trying (the first person who says “very trying” will be stared at pointedly).

We should have gone to lunch with Al and co tomorrow, but young Hadrian has a stomach bug, so it’s been put off.  So we’re going to Roses and her Lawrence instead, which is very good and sociable.  Next week, we’re planning to meet Tim’s sister for lunch.  She lives in Norfolk, not too far away and we’re Facebook friends, but we haven’t met yet.  It’s high time, clearly.

Weeza and co came over today, for Phil to cut up more logs for me and to be sociable.  It’s all very friendly around here suddenly.  I’m dropping my morose and sullen air as if it had never existed.  Which maybe it hadn’t.

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