Z gets to work on a Social Life

Today, I’ve mostly been arranging transport. I want to go to Norwich tomorrow, so friends are taking me and the Sage will fetch me home. On Thursday, I have a lunch engagement, and another friend who lives nearby and is going to the same lunch will do the driving. I’ve still got another month to go before seeing the consultant again – I’m not going to drive until then. A friend told me the other day that she started driving a month after having her new hip – all I can say to that is that it’s a good job she didn’t have an accident, however irrelevant her operation might be to its cause, because her insurance would not have been valid. I didn’t say it to her, however.

I had my insurance renewal quote today. I spent ages looking online last year for it and I was rather hoping that I wouldn’t have to bother this year. However, it’s 20% higher and has a £50 greater excess and a £25 greater windscreen excess, which I think is too much, so I’m going to have to go through all that miserable form-filling again. I’m wondering if it’s worth paying for a protected no-claim bonus again – if they overcharge for renewals and you have to shop around each year, it may hardly be worth it, as obviously a protected no-claim bonus won’t work if you get a quote from anyone else. Anyone got any advice here, please?

I’m not in the least frustrated by not being able to drive. At present, I’m just getting used to the pleasure of walking freely. I went round the village today, down to the post box and home by a different way, and I enjoyed striding along briskly instead of being jarred at every step. I’ve asked the Sage to take me into the town on Wednesday – there are various things we’re getting low on and it’s easier to get them myself than make out a list for him – for example, I want washing powder, and I don’t mind which brand I have to an extent, but there are a couple that my sister is allergic to and among the rest I’ll see what the prices are – if you’re used to doing it, it’s straightforward, but if not then it must seem randomly picky – “you can buy X, Y or Z, unless they happen to have W, which is normally the most expensive, on offer, in which case I’ll have that. Otherwise, buy the cheapest but not A or B. Oh, and I know I call it washing powder, but get the liquid as powder doesn’t always dissolve and I have to de-clag the dispenser. Remember to check how much you get for your money as least money may mean a smaller pack.” Easier to just go myself, isn’t it?

Yesterday, I woke up early. Some nights, I can’t get to sleep for ages – I think it’s because I’m unused to being this relaxed and rested – but a couple of nights ago I was, as a consequence, really tired and was asleep soon after 10pm. Of course, I woke at 5.30 and didn’t sleep again. So in the end I decided to make myself useful in the kitchen by preparing soup for lunch. The Sage doesn’t keep as many vegetables in hand as I do, but I found an onion, a shallot, some garlic, three carrots and two potatoes, and this became the basis for the soup, with the addition of a couple of rashers of bacon. I thought I might add some tomatoes, but we didn’t have any, tinned, juiced or even puréed. Nor fresh. The store cupboard looks quite bare. However, the soup was good and lasted two lunches. The Sage is cooking fish tonight.

After weeks of talking about my hip, to an extent that even bored me, and then (as nothing else was happening to write about) reminiscing, I’ve quite lost my usual blogging rhythm. I wonder if there was a halcyon time when my writing was good. But I rather doubt it.

By the way, as I’d used all the vegetables, we had chips and peas with our pork chops last night. The Sage was very good-natured when I told him there weren’t any left.

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  1. Dave

    An article in the Telegraph (on-line) a couple of weeks ago warned that car insurance rates seem to be going up by 20% on avearge, so you may not find a much better deal.

    Protected NCD is of no value, provided you’re sure you’re not going to have an accident. I was glad mine was protected after last year’s little incident.

  2. Z

    The Sage’s, with a different company, has gone up much the same – I think that raising the excesses too, which was in smaller print on the back of the quote, is a bit harsh. His excess has risen as well, but as he has a van, online quotes assumed he was using it commercially so they were very high and he went via a (former CIS) broker and he isn’t going to look anywhere else.

    Last year, as you probably remember (because you’ve got a very good memory), I was able to get a vastly better deal by shopping around. Now that companies don’t value long-term clients and save their lower quotes for new customers, the rules seem to have changed. I went online to my own (then) insurance company last year and they quoted me a much lower figure than the one they sent as a renewal, so it isn’t a matter of getting better service for more money.

  3. mago

    I am sorry, I do not understand something of insurances and tarifs. I do not understand it in German – it is obviously a kind of secret language and code they use – and naturally not in English.
    It is very good to see you walking briskly through the village! And your writing is good.

  4. Z

    I think they make it a lot of trouble to discourage you from searching, Mago.

    I was so tempted to try running a few steps. I haven’t been able to run for at least three years. But I’ll carry on being patient.

    And thank you.

  5. Blue Witch

    Yes, all the financial sites and journos say motor insurance has gone up.

    Try http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/insurance/compare-cheap-car-insurance and follow the hints. Don’t be scared of using cashback sites as suggested – they work.

    We’ve consistently found Equity Red Star, via first direct, best value (they will beat existing quotes by 10%, and are sensible on renewal – or have been so far): http://www1.firstdirect.com/1/2/insurance/car-insurance;jsessionid=0000vyizejIbALOPGXDFiG5t067:11hkli840?clear=true (not sure it that link will work for you – if it doesn’t, go to fistdirect.com and click tabs to insurance/car.

    Good to hear you’re getting out and about.

  6. lom

    Our car insurance went up 20% this year too, and after surfing the web it was still the best deal we could get, (with the AA). This made me laugh, our shopping trips are like that, I send hubby off to do half the list and I do the other half, he collects the items on his list plus some then finds me and asks ‘which ones do you want this week?’ then he takes the rest back, haha

  7. Roses

    Given the short space of time between now and your op, I think you’re doing remarkably well.

    Enjoy your socialising and shopping. Don’t over do it! xxx

  8. Z

    I just hate these back door increases – last year, I was asked to choose the level of excess to pay. Now they’ve arbitrarily and in the small print increased it.

    Fortunately, I already accept the indifferent quality of my writing, Christopher. I’m no writer and have no wish to be, but rather aim to blog in a conversational tone. I probably should wait until I have something worth saying, however – which could put an end to it altogether.

    I just bought 250g of Rose Pouchong tea after the lecture. Now typing awkwardly in the car, and glad that the Sage picked me up before the rain started. Lovely to see friends, though.

  9. Anonymous

    I went to gocompare.com and it seemed that they had saved all my details from last year. (I didn’t remember even consulting them last year…)If the car hasn’t changed then all the details are there year on year..which is nice.

  10. Anonymous

    Rather nice site you’ve got here. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

    Best regards

  11. Four Dinners


    The Dragon (my mother) had a hip replacement and she is the most awful creature you could ever meet. (Norah Batty joins the Excorcist is about right)

    You have had a hip replcement and you are a babe.

    I think I need more voddy.

    Stay strong babe.

    You are way more than a hip thingy.

    YOU ARE Z.

    nuff said.


    ps…fuck insurance…just GO!!!!

  12. Z

    Thank you, Chairwoman – I have got a full no claims discount, so I suppose it is worth protecting. I’ve never had a claim, in fact, apart from windscreens. But that’s luck, of course, as much as anything.

    4D – you’re fabulous, you know.


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