Z gets out the recipe books

The Sage and I went out together today.  It was largely a business meeting, but the person has a china collection which the Sage was invited to see, and he asked if I might come too, which was thoughtful of him.  However, it indicates an alarming degree of togetherness.  This is the third time in five days that he has included me in something he’s doing and it’s quite uncommon.  Not sure if it’s good for us.  How am I to surprise and delight him in the evening if we have spent the day in each other’s company?

It’s his birthday next week, and my sister announced her intention of coming to visit for the celebrations.  The Sage has never particularly celebrated his birthday and has never encouraged me to arrange anything beyond an invitation to the immediate family.  However, this time, I thought that something should be done, and Weeza had the smart notion that I suggest we celebrate his fifty years as an auctioneer, and that we invite some of his oldest friends and also his fellow-collectors.  Remarkably, this worked and he’s quite keen.  So, on Saturday week, we shall have a party.  Another party, that is.  And we have two invitations pending.  We’ve not had such a social whirl for a long time – whirl being a relative term, of course.  More like a slow twist than a dizzying twirl, but at this rate we might get back to the old days, when we had a circle of friends whom we often saw.  I’d love it.  I like cooking for a lot of people.

10 comments on “Z gets out the recipe books

  1. Marion

    Well now, that just sounds like fun to me. BTW. it’s hot here in Kentucky. My porch therm. said 100 degrees F. and that is in the shade.

  2. Dave

    I went out for the evening last night. That’s the first evening out I’ve had for many months. Sadly it was to a Church meeting.

    Still, I’m going to the pictures today. With my son.

  3. Z

    Gosh, Marion, I can’t really take in the contrast in summer and winter temperatures in the States. It was only a few weeks ago that I read on blogs about freezing temperatures, and now you’re all blazing hot!

    We could produce an illustrated catalogue, Rog!

    Fairly straightforward casseroles, I think, Jane and Lance, so that it’s easy to serve. The family alone is enough to take up the dining table, so we’ll have to spread about the house. Haven’t thought about puddings yet.

    It’ll be lunchtime, Dave, because of the children – I’m going out to dinner this evening, though. I haven’t been to the cinema for a couple of years or more. I used to go often, just got right out of the habit.

  4. Christopher

    If this party is anything like the famous Wall Party, it will be a wonderful success and they won’t go home till morning, if then.

    If you’re needing recipes, coincidentally there’s an irresistible one at my place today.

  5. Sharon J

    I think you’re very brave to cook for so many people. I love cooking, but I’m one of those people who gets her knickers in a twist if there are more than four guests. Going with casseroles is definitely a good idea, though.

  6. The Boy

    There is something deeply satisfying about delivering food people appreciate, whatever the occasion. This sounds like a satisfying occasion for a host of other reasons. Have fun!

  7. Z

    Thank you, Chris. I’ve spent the afternoon carefully searching the garden and have, so far, found three snails, a slug and a millepede. I may have to improvise.

    In a way, Sharon, cooking for a lot of people is easier, as long as it’s tasty, no one expects anything sophisticated!

    Boy, the hit of the Bloggers’ Wall Party (I don’t think we’d started the project when you last were a regular visitor) was my idea of cooking Proper Puddings. Some guests sampled all of them. And I finished off the bread and butter pudding for breakfast next morning.

    Simon, dear heart, the Sage’s other nickname is Statistic – that is, he’s broken down by age and sex . I shall pass on your good wishes.


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