Z gets jobs done

Elder son Al called in today, to chat to elderly Muz. He’s just started a new job and it’s going well, he’s enthused by it. Even better, there’s no weekend work and longer holidays. Eldest grandchild, Squiffany, who was a baby when I started blogging, has had her first week at university and she’s happy too, so matriarch Z is content.

I cleared the chair, where there had been a stack of papers. I’ve signed my tax return and sent it back to the accountant (and also paid their bill, which arrived today) and made a note on the calendar to pay what I’ll owe in January. I don’t resent paying tax. I have friends whose income isn’t enough to pay tax, so I’m lucky there.

I just have one more job, of those I meant to do today, and I did try to do it but the website was down. When I finally got around to doing something that’s been waiting for a fortnight, the damn website is down. Ugh. Luckily, there isn’t a deadline on it, but I’ll let it slide if it isn’t done this week, I know myself.

Wink and I are away this weekend, to our good friends’ Golden Wedding party. Rose is moving in and the cat is going to be very happy. She adores Rose. When Rose moved out, some three years ago, she spent a week looking for her. Rummy, her cat, is going to come along too – Rummy is the only cat that eCat has ever tolerated, because he lived here first. I think she’ll be pleased, but if it goes poorly then he’ll be taken home, more for his benefit than for hers. He’s a gentle old boy with a blind eye now, when he used to rule the roost.

The barn cats are very pushy nowadays, though they’re still afraid of eCat. I was amused, when I went to feed them at 8.30 this morning, to find all five of them waiting. They don’t group together, they have several clear yards between each other. Barny was on the bench outside the door and miaowed loudly, with wide open red mouth, as I opened the door. He’s the shyest in person, he’s the only one who never has the courage to come up to me. His sister Betty is almost as shy, though Freddie has become tamer over the years. Zain and mother Mehitabel are always loving and friendly. I still wish Mehitabel could be allowed to come in the house, she’s getting old and needs a proper home. But eCat says no.

2 comments on “Z gets jobs done

  1. dinahmow

    Cats seem to be Top Dog on Fbook today…several posts have featured verses from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.With the lovely Gorey drawings.
    I hope Mehitabel can be comfortable. Our resident was 16 on Sunday!

  2. 63mago

    ” … a baby when I started blogging, has had her first week at university …”
    My Goodness.
    No, do not want to think about time, cruel mistress, ach

    Congratulations for the jobs done. I’ll try my very best tomorrow with some silly administrative stuff ; money for nothing, things are just allowed to stay the same as before. With a new stamp.


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