Z gets her head round 6 million pounds

A meeting with the school auditors this morning.  I had set my alarm accordingly, but had been awake in the night, so had to set a second alarm in the morning.  I didn’t get to my friend’s father’s funeral because someone left to go to it and, if I’d gone too, we wouldn’t have been quorate,  I’m always aware of this sort of thing, having been a clerk to the governors I know that one has to be a stickler for that sort of thing.  I’m not the arguing sort, but I stood my ground against a previous Rector, who thought that the ‘right’ person was more important than filling the quota of parent governors – I explained very firmly that eligible people could do a sideways shift to make room for the person she wanted, but we couldn’t mess about with the articles of governance because they were based on law and it would be a complete disaster to try to put right a mistake.  I made her accept what I said, though I doubt I convinced her.  Anyhow, darlings, I digress (well, there’s a first).  We passed the audit with no reservations and the only comment, except for clarifications, was in regard to £4,000 that was paid out of this year’s budget but related to last year’s invoices, which we hadn’t received until after the end of the financial year.  So no mistakes at all and that’s rare, we have a great financial team (of three, it’s amazing).

I’ve stocked up with wood for the weekend, emptied all the kitchen bins and taken the green wheelie bin down the drive to be emptied in the morning.  I want to do some sorting out in the next few days – even contemplating turning out my wardrobe, though I expect that’s going to be put off for a few more weeks. I feel quite peaceful, which isn’t usual.  I’ve probably forgotten something.

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