Z gets carte blanche

Time to show my real colours. The pity is that no one will like me any more.

A committee meeting this morning which, as usual, overran rather badly. This is my fault as I’m chairman. However, it won’t happen again. Someone asked (completely irrelevantly) which day of the week the meetings will be on from September. She would prefer another day than Tuesday. I said that we’ll decide on dates at our June meeting, but in the meantime, please could people consider if Wednesday will suit. “Wednesday morning’s fine,” said someone, “but could I leave at 12.30 as I’m busy on Wednesday afternoons?” “Would you like to finish by 12.30?” I asked. Everyone nodded. “Then we will.”

They think I’m pretending to be tough. You know I’m tough though darlings, don’t you?

The thing is, other committees I’ve chaired have been more formal and business-like and this one needs scope for discussion. I know, I’m sounding fluffy and unable to keep things focused, but it’s not a business meeting, it’s a group of voluntary committee members running a society for the study of fine arts. We each have a specific job, but we all have input and take an interest in each aspect. In addition, I’m the youngest there by at least ten years and so don’t gain any gravitas by my white hairs and eleven wobbling chins. In short, I haven’t, up to now, done very well (except when I give the vote of thanks at the monthly lectures where, unexpectedly, the members enjoy me).

But now I’ve received the okay, I’ll demonstrate just how stern and focused I can be. And you know how scary I am when I do that.

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