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This last week, the Sage and I have mostly been doing sensible, practical things regarding paperwork and so on.  So we felt entitled to relax and enjoy Ro and Dora’s company this evening when they came over for supper.  Steak and sticky toffee pudding went down well, with the Sage hovering anxiously over the last slice, hoping that no one else would claim it.  Ro having taken the precaution of taking his second helping along with his first (he knows his dad only too well), the Sage was lucky.

Finally, the warm weather that has been tantalising us all week with an apparent promise arrived and it’s been a lovely day, though still a nip in the breeze.  We’ve had several broken panes of glass in the greenhouses over the winter and these are being replaced before I get started – I used to be very quick to sow seeds, but now I’m not.  The weather is so variable, you get plants growing well and then a cold snap with frosty nights and sunny days and you get frost damage on some plants and sun scorch on others, and now I wait until we’re into March before I even start on the greenhouse veg.  Which should mean about now, of course.

Ro spent some time using my iPad this evening.  He’s considering buying one.  He rather spurns the whole Apple thing, but he says that no other tablet comes close as yet and he reckons it won’t for another couple of years.  I recommended getting one with a lot of memory, not a basic model.  You think you won’t need it, but music and photos take up an awful lot of memory and my original 16 GB iPhone soon was full and I had to take a lot of stuff off it.  He loaded Google Docs on it, wanting to avoid Apple products as far as possible, but it was taking ages and they had to leave before it was uploaded.  Since our BT “upgrade” the broadband connection has been appalling.  Noticeably slower, keeps going down, nearly three weeks on (they warned that this might happen for ten days, hem hem) and no better reception  when away from the hub.

This evening, I’m listening to The Beach Boys.  Blimey, that takes me back.  I steer clear of too much nostalgia normally, keeping to the here and now most of the time – but once in a while it’s no bad thing.  Or so I tells myself.

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