Z, fortunately, remembers where she put her pruning saw

I’ve avoided everything but personal emails for the past week, but tomorrow I’ll have to get back to normal.  I’ve no work to do yet, that is, paid work – and I have passed business email messages on to the Sage – but there’s always plenty of other things to get on with.

Wink phoned to say that she arrived home safely.  It’s quiet here without her.  Not that she’s loud, but there’s an empty space.

We were having coffee after church today when Brenda brought in two women who had been visiting the church for a look round.  Turns out that one was Dutch, the other American and they are Mormons, staying at the Temple in London while they are spending a couple of years here, presumably going door-to-door.  They were very charming and friendly and asked to take a photo of us, which was quite sweet.  Such people (Mormons or Seventh Day Adventists, usually) occasionally make it down our drive, but we’re usually forewarned, simply because they always come to the front door which, in true Norfolk tradition, we rarely use.  In the winter, the porch is used to stack logs for the fire and in the spring, a pair of wrens nests high up in the corner.

Which reminds me, now that the nesting season is well over and the hibernation season is still far away, there’s an overgrown patch of shrubbery that needs attention.  Oh good.

3 comments on “Z, fortunately, remembers where she put her pruning saw

  1. Dave

    My estate is very poorly designed, in that most people are forced to use the front door. Fortunately my house (since the conservatory was built) has a side door, unlike most houses here, so I only use the front one for visitors.

  2. 63mago

    An interesting thing with these doors. Reading your post and Dave’s comment I remember that the house of my grandparents was mostly entered by a cellar door by family friend and neighbours. Strangers went to the front door. And depending on the occasion you visited people one wnet to the more private entrance or to the official.

  3. Z

    Our previous three houses, it was more convenient to use the front door. Actually, we never use our back door, we always use the side door.

    You’re right, Mago, there are some friends where the door I go to depends on the occasion.


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