Z finds it all too much

I’ve had to move all my bookmarked blogs from Bloglines, which is shutting down.  I’m not surprised, it’s been not working properly for some time.  I ‘exported’ them in one go, but it made me look at them – there are an awful lot of blogs which I’ve read for ages but don’t have any particular relationship with, and I think that some of them are going to have to go.  I keep adding a few but not removing any and I haven’t caught up with all posts for a long time.

I don’t mind if someone whose blog I read and comment on doesn’t visit here, and some people rarely leave comments anyway and that’s fine.  Though there are a few bloggers who complain when they receive fewer comments/readers than they used to, but never see it from the other side – that is, that if it isn’t reciprocal, they can’t really complain.  Plenty of people whom I’ve followed for ages have never given any indication that they return the favour – not that they have to, but one comment would be polite, I think.  I dunno, maybe I’m getting a bit of a stickler in my old age (just had a birthday, you know, a year older than last week).

Anyway, I’m starting to jettison some blogs.  I think I’m going to have to come down to about 100.  I can cope with that.  No one who’s a friend, of course.  Even if we don’t chat often.

21 comments on “Z finds it all too much

  1. heybartender

    I had to cut down as well. I cut out the people who weren’t updating much, which might have been a touch hypocritical in light of my own sporadic habits, but it sure is easier now that I have pared down the list.

  2. martina

    I do not have nor want to start a blog. However,there are probably about 20 that I read regularly. Of course, you know yours is my favorite.

  3. Dave

    I only visit those on my blogroll (much less than 100) and half of them update only occasionally. I don’t think I’d have time to visit as many as 100.

    But then I don’t have an i-phone.

  4. Z

    The hundred or so will include those rarely or occasionally updated, also some sites I read when I’ve time on my hands (amusing, peculiar, political & current affairs and so on). I couldn’t read 100 blogs a day, even with the aid of an iPhone.

    Martina, : D

    Yoo hoo, Rog. Your place is secure. And I don’t think I’ll ever delete Mr Murph’s, either. Hope you’re having a lovely holiday.

    Simon, I blog to amuse myself, nothing more.

  5. Vicus Scurra

    For some strange reason I still find you on my list after moving from bloglines to google reader. I suppose that means I should make an effort to comment more often. O! the pressures.

  6. MOTB

    Please put me in the bin – I know I haven’t blogged much at all recently as my blog persona has undergone a character change and I haven’t quite got the hang of the new one … but I still follow you, of course, even if I say very little

  7. Z

    Nooo – oh, you all do tease. I don’t mind if someone doesn’t comment, it’s not that at all. I’m not deleting any of you. If you don’t update, I don’t get a notification so I don’t take time to look. I’ve not been commenting much recently, but I will get around to it.

  8. Z

    They don’t all get updated regularly – for instance, MOTB and LZM haven’t of late and Murph is, er, dead. And I’m including sites like Cake Wrecks and Unhappy Hipsters that are amusing photos, which I only catch up on when I’ve read actual blogs.

    Dave and I lead by example, ’tis true. His is, as I’ve said before, the steep and thorny way while mine is the primrose path, but they’re not so far apart really.

    Roses, you’re just trying to wind me up. You won’t succeed. No friend is ever deleted. I’m the steadfast type.

  9. sablonneuse

    Crikey, I have trouble keeping up with far fewer than 100 favourite blogs! I admire you for being able to write in an interesting manner about your everyday life but I don’t have the time to visit every day I’m afraid.

  10. PixieMum

    Blogs are so addictive, one persons blog leads to another, it is like reading a collection of short stories.

    Having said this I spend so much time online so I am going to be firm and go downstairs and knit. I am so enthused to finish my cardigan, just the bands and pockets to finish before the cold weather.

    Need it so don’t turn heating on, but add another layer.

    Enjoy your blog, when husband was on PCC remember all the shenanigans, decisions made beforehand by a committee and PCC supposed to rubber stamp them. New Vicar says it will be different, we will see but husband will not stand again.


  11. Z

    Time was, I used to find new blogs by comments I liked. I still do, occasionally – but there are so many good blogs and lovely people.

    This wasn’t meant to be a threat to *disown* anyone. it’s lovely of you to come and say hello, but I love your blogs and am not deleting them. I don’t want to delete any blogs, but I’m not able to keep up and have to choose. Rest assured, I choose you. though, excuse me, Zigs, you aren’t blogging at present, are you?

    Madeleine, I’m so glad to be off the PCC! Though I was always on every committee (still on a few, sadly), I always genuinely want the PCC to make the decisions. Just give the facts and options. Good luck with the new Vicar, they make or break a parish … not the real faithfuls, that is, but the congregation on the periphery, who don’t necessarily have the commitment to the parish to tough it out regardless. Ahem. Time to shut up.

  12. Alienne

    100!! I am impressed; I wouldn’t have time to do anything else at all if I had to wade through 100 blogs. I have about 25 I think, plus Cake Wrecks and the Sartorialist. I do alter mine – I pick up new ones from comments on other blogs sometimes and cast off others if they stop blogging or stop being interesting.

  13. Z

    I’m not doing very well. I just was reading a blog that I was contemplating deleting, and it’s really good. I gather that Reader now enables folders and I think that may be the way to go – choose between friends/favourites, those I read when I’ve spare time and amusing and informative websites.

    Everyone here will be among the friends, of course.


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