Z felt a bit emotional

I wrote to all the staff at the school.  They were probably quite startled to receive a 1750-word letter, but I didn’t waste words.  Meetings to come after half term.  I’m afraid that those who are reluctant to make changes aren’t aware of what’s going on.  I addressed and signed all the letters by hand – so glad I’ve got a short first name.  Although not quite as short as Z in real life.

Anyway, I went, this evening, to a little get-together for former and present governors to say goodbye to the Head at the village school.  She’s been a teacher there for 15 years, the last 8 as Head, and now she’s moving to North Yorkshire.  She is a lovely woman and a brilliant teacher and guide to her staff, and she will be hugely missed.  They didn’t appoint from last week’s interviews,  but her second in command will take over until the right person is found.

This afternoon, I took all the photos, edited (straightened!) and labelled them, and will email the ones for the catalogue to Weeza tomorrow, once the Sage has told me which ones they are.  They will all go in the online catalogue, of course.  Someone in Belgium asked for a catalogue – we charge £5 for the first one, just so we know people who ask really want one, and then send them out free of charge.  He hasn’t got an English bank so offered a Euro bank transfer.  We checked, and it would cost us £7 to receive it, never mind the charge to him.  We’ve said we’ll waive the charge and just send the catalogue.  By tomorrow at 11, I hope to have got everything off to Weeza and have finished work.  I’m out to lunch, then have classroom visit reports to type up (I have the handwritten notes) and send out, a final – heavy – meeting on Friday morning and then that’s it for this half term.  Next week off, thank goodness.  I’ve got all my Nadfas stuff to do and the church rota.  I’m aiming to do them over the weekend, but it’s pie in the sky, I know.  Once I start relaxing, I’ll throw myself into it and forget all the work.

11 comments on “Z felt a bit emotional

  1. Roses

    I’m exhausted just reading this. My goodness woman, you are phenomenally busy.

    Don’t mind me, I’m just going to check your cellar. This is not a good week for you to run out.

  2. Z

    Whoops. Thank you, Dave/ You see, Roses knew what I’d meant so didn’t even see I’d made a mistake or, if she did, simply translated it.

    I can’t be *that* busy, Roses. I’ve still got time to blog.

  3. Z

    As you see, I wrote it late – I usually re-read after posting because that’s when I notice mistakes, but I didn’t bother!

    No shortage of wine, and I had a really productive day, although the Sage has changed his mind about the order of the lots and I’ve got a load of work to redo. However, I’m going out now and I won’t think about it for the next few hours.

  4. Christopher

    For a Lady who Lunches this is as impressive as it would be for a Dame who Dines. I wonder how you would categorize yourself if ever – as was sometimes a Victorian habit – you’re invited out to breakfast?


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