Z feels productive

It feels as if it’s been quite a productive day, though I’ve not actually done all that much myself. It’s finally getting warmer, so I’ve moved the chicken and chick to the bigger run outside and they seem quite happy there. Foster spent the first ten minutes shifting all the bedding outside. They’ve got plenty of grass to scratch in and eat, so I hope she won’t wreck the food in the dishes any more. The chick is very perky, too early to tell whether it’s a girl or boy. None of the chickens has laid an egg for the last week, little buggers.

I phoned a friend who had to spend nearly a week in hospital because of heart trouble. She’s feeling all right now, but rather unnerved because she’s rarely unwell and this is a new problem. I also wanted to check on another friend, who had a cancer operation last month – they were able to do keyhole surgery, so she’s recovered much quicker than expected from the op. I’ve sent her flowers on behalf of a group of us, so that’s the next job done if you can call clicking a keyboard a job.

The chap who’s putting the new fence in down the drive called round and that’ll happen in the next couple of weeks. We’re having a new oak gate rather than the softwood field gate that’s there now, but he’s going to move it by the black cowshed, to make a way through to that part of the garden. Then I can have a load of muck delivered and it’ll be easy to barrow it through to the kitchen garden.

I went to the blood donor clinic and I’ve ordered new roller towels for the cloakroom, and LT is cooking dinner.

And I’ve lent glasses to the church – I’ve got lots of small ones and they aren’t using the chalice at present. It was quite jolly on Sunday, we each had our own glass and, whilst one normally takes a polite tiny sip of port (Communion wine has to be fortified or it’s horrid and the bottle doesn’t keep, and I pushed for decent port because – well, obvs. I do buy it though), there was enough for two swigs, so everyone was cheerful. Apparently, a lot of shops are running out of toilet paper, but not the local co-op, which is fine for stocks. Just the cheap brands have sold out. On the other hand, LT was in Waitrose the other day and they only had the cheap own-brand soap left. The expensive ones had all gone.

And now I’ve blogged too. No wonder I feel accomplished. No justification, but anything to raise the spirits. Six o’clock and still light, which is another reason to be cheerful. And I’m 200 pages into the new Hilary Mantel, which is yet another.

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  1. PixieMum

    In the service booklets at our church there are clear guidance notes including use of hand sanitizer, not inticting, receiving one kind only. Last Sunday I avoided hand shaking as I was on sidesman duties.

    I’m a bit concerned about the virus as I have “underlying health issues”, never quite sure whether it is asthma, bronchiectasis but I do know I can be breathless just going upstairs, I’m in the at risk age group too so have booked a phone call with the practice nurse to discuss what I should be doing. Already avoiding public transport, yesterday Ian dropped me at the door of the local studies library where I volunteer, then collected me after he’d been to his U3A art class.

    Avoiding public transport when we have recently disposed of our second car as we weren’t using it seems a little galling. 🦢

    1. Z Post author

      The notes we have say that there is no advice that the “Common Cup” – as they put it – shouldn’t be used. However, our benefice has decided against. The person taking the service has used gel before Communion for several years, so no change there. All those cheerily saying it’s “only” those over 60 and/or with underlying health issues have maybe not thought about all those health issues, which includes diabetes and taking heart and blood pressure medication, as well as asthma and other breathing issues. You’re wise to avoid public transport, I’m not planning to go to London any time soon, though otherwise I’m not avoiding the usual places I go.

  2. Mike and Ann.Mike

    Oh dear, youi’ve bot h (Zoe and Madeleine) made me think, now, as I’d been half planning a trip to London to view an auction in May (using public transport). Not wise, I suppose. Oh well, plenty of time to think about it, I suppose?


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