Z feels confused

My meeting this morning took place on the further side of Norwich, so the host gave us lunch afterwards to restore us before our journeys home. Therefore, it was getting on for four o’clock by the time I rolled home, where I was greeted by the Sage saying “tea?” Fine man, the Sage. Tilly politely wagged her tail, also saying “tea?” but she was hoping for a meal.

I sat down to peer at emails, one of which asked if I’d be free tomorrow evening instead of a night in the wilds of April…it’ll get it out of the way, I suppose; it’s governor duty. My mind was still full of the business to be done as a follow-up to this morning – but the Sage was waving sheaves of paper. On one was the hand-written catalogue which needed to be typed up quam celerrime and on the other was a message from M, the chairman of governors, asking for some information from a meeting in November. M rang back. I was able to find the notes and email them to her, and we talked through the meetings, remembering more specific details as we went. There’s going to be an Ofsted inspection tomorrow, you see. Just a quickie; one day, with specific areas they are targeting. Fortunately, one of them, which is a new requirement (A Community Cohesion policy) just so headteachers and governors have plenty of work to do, we had not only talked about but put it on record as a target for the year, with success criteria and monitoring arrangements and everything. Hah.

I’ve typed the catalogue, but it’s still to be proofread – and then there will be the condition report and all the photos. Ro will update the website; I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Babyminding tomorrow, as Dilly has a hospital appointment. I could get up early and catch up with the rest of the work, I suppose. Not very likely, however.

5 comments on “Z feels confused

  1. Z

    I should have done more last night, but I finished at half past ten and read the paper and wrote the blog instead. I hadn’t physically rushed from one thing to another, but I felt as if I had.

    Off to school now and I’ll hear how they think Ofsted went…

  2. Z

    The two hardest Ofsteds were when I was chairman of governors at one school, and when I was SEN governor at another and during my interview the inspector asked me all about finance for the whole school – I’m not on the finance committee. I sounded convincing though – I’m good at making a little knowledge go a long way and I always give examples, which sounds as if I know what I’m on about.


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